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Are you suffering from SMS-ophilia

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Wanna stay connected!!! “Hw r u?”as short as you could! Are you also stung by the SMS bug? I hope that you aren’t suffering from SMS-ophilia....So, if you wish to make a Guiness Book record for being the first SMS-ophile, than just pace up. Your dreams can turn to reality any moment.

Just imagine what if someone gives you an option of sending SMSes practically charging you nothing. No way! I am not talking about the packages offered by various mobile service providers. But an all free SMS-ing service. Yeah! The SMS2.0 is already on hype to give you the most fascinating experiencing SMS-ing all free.

Now what is this SMS2.0? Plainly it is just an advanced version of the widely popular SMS application. The UK-based mobile media Affle's brainchild SMS2.0 is a new application with a search function, which when installed would become default text messaging program. This enhanced version of SMS will allow search options in cellphones and make them experience more contents. The most notable feature about SMS 2.0 is that, now there is an additional search menu within the options and the rest is same as before. SMS2.0 is compatible with most of the recently introduced Nokia mobile phones, including S60 series, N70 and N72.

Another fascinating fact about SMS2.0 is that, whenever a user types a text message ticker-roll advertisements will appear on the bottom portion of the screen and would turn full screen when one clicks on it or sends the message. By now Affle in coordination with MobileOne (M1) is almost successful in bringing about targeted advertising to the SMS2.0 platform.

In a way, we can say that Affle’s SMS2.0 is an upgradation of default SMS application. It gives the consumers oppurtunity to explore more sophisticated features by creating an interactive link for delivering advertisements and relevant contents in the SMS window without any obstruction. It is up to the consumer to choose what he wants to send along with his messages, be it the latest buzz about Hollywood movies or the mobile phone on the hype.

The greatest advantage of using this application is that users of Affle’s SMS2.0 can avail it free, because the data traffic for SMS2.0 contents and ads is not charged to Affle’s SMS2.0 users. Moreover, the contents and ads send through SMS2.0 is periodically updated to check its relevancy. Further, your text messaging through SMS2.0 can become a real fun with the inclusion of colours, emoticons and other personalised options. Through its media and content associates you can even schedule an SMS, enjoy news headlines, and discover latest fashion trends, all free.

As per the survey results by Affle's Singapore based research team and reputed mobile operator M1, SMS 2.0 had yielded positive results on about 1,500 users on which the trial was conducted. Moreover reputed companies like P&G and Coca-Cola also participated in this trial and are quite enthusiastic about it. Affle has made strategic planning for acquiring massive support from the users and keeping this in view it has recently established a strategic partnership with several companies, such as GroupM and WPP’s global media company in order to engage clients for enhancing SMS2.0 worldwide.

Of course, with its enhanced features SMS2.0 can bring about a revolutionary change in the whole culture of text messaging. Also by uniting messaging, content, and advertising in a single seamless application it would make messaging a fruitful activity. Thus SMS 2.0 is a blessing to the users, because it is not only cost-effective, and a direct means for the advertisers and businesses to reach the consumers, but it also introduces a mobile user opting for this service with a plethora of useful and relevant promotional offers.
Published: 2007-07-22
Author: Pallavi Borgohain

About the author or the publisher
Pallavi Borgohain is basically a freelance content writer contributing promotional write-ups to various Web portals and magazines. A Masters in English literature, the author started her career as a feature writer of various newspapers and magazines. Moreover, the author is quite popular as a children book writer and for her contributory write-ups on humanities and electronic gadgets.The author can be contacted in

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