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Are your symptoms signs of pregnancy?

signs of pregnancy

Your are like your mother

I have found that the older I get the more like my mother I am. My sisters used to tease me about this and it would make me angry. I tried to fight the similarities and monitor what I would say and do. One day my husband pointed out to me that my mother was a generous loving woman and that I should be proud that people thought I was similar to her. I reflected on this and realized that he was right, I should be trying harder to be more like her rather than discounting the traits we had in common.

Knowing when someone is pregnant

I was reminded of my mother the other day when my son and his wife were over to our house visiting. As I watched my daughter in law through out the day I was noticing signs of pregnancy. My mother had an uncanny ability to notice pregnancy. She knew I was pregnant with my first child before I could announce it to her. With my second pregnancy she knew I was pregnant before I did. I did not want to spoil my daughter-in-laws announcement so I did not say anything to her throughout the day. As we were doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen she mentioned that she could not understand why she was so tired. She said she had been feeling very tired for a few weeks, even though she was getting the same amount of sleep that she always does. I casually mentioned that this was one of the signs of pregnancy. She looked at me very surprised and asked if I thought it could be possible. We both laughed at the question and she became embarrassed. I asked her if she had experienced any of the other signs of pregnancy such as being overly emotional or feeling queasy in the morning or around certain smells. She confirmed all of the symptoms plus her last period had been very light and lasted only two days. She said that they had gone off birth control last month because they wanted to start a family. She attributed all the symptoms to being off the pill. So many of they’re friends were having a difficult time getting pregnant so she did not think it would happen immediately for them.

Pregnancy test

She went into the living room where her father and husband were playing chess. She told them that I had pointed out several signs of pregnancy to her and that she thought she might be pregnant. She insisted that we go to the drug store around the corner to get a pregnancy test. We bought the test and she went into the bathroom, within a minute she came out laughing and crying at the same time. The test came out positive. It was so fun to watch her and our son dance around the living room in joy.
Published: 2007-10-02
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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