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Arizona golf vacations come in all shapes and sizes

Arizona golf vacations

If you have ever seen the vast, dry desert of Arizona, I have something that might surprise you. There are quite a few Arizona golf vacations that are available if you are a hardcore fan of the game. These Arizona golf vacations come in all shapes and sizes, neatly tailored to your level of skill, experience, money, and interest. There are Professional Arizona golf schools for those who want to take their playing up to the next level, where training is rigorous, but you will really get your moneys worth in improvement of your golf game. I went to one of these Arizona golf vacations, and I was able to be tutored by some serious pros and semi-pros. I will tell you that my game has never ever been better, and I have been playing for 35 years!

But if you want a more laid back Arizona golf vacation, you should check out the luxury golf resorts. If you have never been on any Arizona golf vacations, I can promise that you will be surprised at what you find. Not only are there golf vacations in Arizona with courses used by the pros themselves, but there are luxuries which would make even a great cruise ship proud. Any kind of luxury you could ask for, from fine dining, to room service, to first rate caddies, to saunas and workout rooms are afforded you on Arizona golf vacations, so even if your wife or husband is not a gold enthusiast, you may still be able to convince them that it is the best trip around! And Arizona golf vacations have some of the most scenic courses, in addition to the most playable, so it is great fun to just explore as it is to play your heart out on them.

Of course, if Arizona golf vacations are not your style, there are still plenty of great destinations in this beautiful state. If you are addicted to luxury, Phoenix has many four star hotels which will cater to your every need like you would not believe. Still, I personally think that golf is, hands down, the greatest game ever invented by man. For me, living in such a dry and desolate place, it is great to have Arizona golf vacations where I can really let go and unwind among such a green and grassy setting. It is like leaving the desert entirely.
Published: 2006-07-13
Author: Eric Raymond

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