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To Whom Much Is Given


"For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required..." (Luke 12:48a)

I am aware of this scripture and that it is usually taught from the aspect of material things, or even giftings and talents...but, just this morning I caught a new revelation. I heard this scripture in my mind and was at once struck by the concept that the much could represent much - that the adjective had no noun to limit in this is left wide open, leaving the possibilities endless. However, in this particular moment of my 'pondering', it was GRACE (for me) which needed to be inserted as the noun. I needed to think about my part in the 'much' as it applies to grace and mercy.

I notice of myself that I am able to forgive, usually, with little effort. There have been two - possibly three - instances which have taken me more time to get over and even as I write this, I am weighing whether or not I have truly forgiven all of the other parties.

Sometimes, I feel that I am too often expected to be gracious and merciful. I look around and think to myself, "So and so is constantly doing (whatever) and I am constantly having to overlook their actions or behavior. It's NOT fair!"

But, the second part of this same scripture says..."; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more."

Committed: entrusted; to place in charge or in custody. To consign for future use or reference or for preservation...

So...MUCH has been given and MUCH is required and MUCH has been entrusted for future use - of which I will be asked even the more!

I, therefore, can not complain that I have given too much or done too much...because the MUCH which has been given me to preserve for future use is undefined...without measure or limits - it's simply MUCH; with no qualifiers attached.

I am the beneficiary of MUCH and I am responsible to be the benefactor of MUCH, also. While many would consider this a burden, hardship or, at the very least, should be quite empowering. Imagine - according to this scripture, MUCH is given, MUCH is required, yet, MUCH is always being given. Therefore, MUCH is always available from which to be drawn.

How hard can it be then, to GET MUCH and turn around and GIVE MUCH...out of an abundance of MUCH? It is - or at least can be (if we choose to participate) a perpetual, limitless, ongoing activity. A circle without end. A continual cycle.

It is easy to RECEIVE much. But, if we are willing to GIVE much, we will never LACK much. It is enjoyable to receive MUCH - fulfilling to give MUCH - and impossible to use up MUCH.

The more you get - the more you have to give. The more you give, the more there is to give - and the more will be asked of you - but it won't matter, because you will always get more!

Published: 2006-10-29
Author: C. L. Hanna

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C.L. Hanna ~ Writer For Hire

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