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Computer Recycling and its importance

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Few years ago, used computers were picked up with the weekly trash. Now-a-days, individuals and companies become more aware of the importance and its consequences of recycling old computers and safe disposal of monitors. In fact, it is illegal to not donate or recycle a used computer in some states. For large companies and banks, dumping computer equipment can lead to huge fines and potential lawsuits.

The importance of Computer Recycling:

Computers and other electronic items make up around 2% of all of the materials in todays landfills. We know that recycling monitors and computers is important, as the landfills are not getting any smaller. These items contain lead and toxic metals that can cause serious damage to the environment, particularly if they end up in the water supply.
Some Advantages of Computer Recycling:

The very first advantage of recycling your system is you are ensured that your personal information is completely removed from the machine. This will help you save from dumpster divers who are just waiting to find a hard drive to tap into.

Another benefit of recycling your computer is that, you are keeping toxins that are in your computer away from the landfills as well as from water supply. Additionally, the precious metals and other useful materials used in these electronics should be mined which takes the tremendous toll on the environment. By recycling your computer, you ensure that these precious materials are reused, reducing the amount that must be removed from the earth through costly mining efforts.

In many cases a recycled computer can actually be put to use again. Even if a major part of your computer is broken, there are other components that can be used to rebuild other computers. These recycled computers are often donated to the charitable trust. So, when you choose a recycling center, choose one that works closely with a charitable organization.

Some Examples of Green Technology:

• Using web conferencing technology would cut repeat travel to recurring meetings and so you can reduce carbon Footprint.
• Energy Saving Modules helps to reduce the electricity consumption and maximum demand of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors.
• Water purification removes undesirable chemicals, materials and biological contaminants from raw water and produce water fit for a specific purpose.

Published: 2010-05-22
Author: Laura Williams

About the author or the publisher
Laura Williams is a Freelance Internet Marketing Specialist residing in NewYork. She uses the 4-in-1 RHUB Remote Appliance for web conferencing and remote access. To learn more about RHUB, please visit


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