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You know that you are well talented,good in writing & have powerful vocabulary to express your ideas.But,you don't know where to start and if started, doubted what to do next.-While going through these words,did you ever felt that the above mentioned is a page taken from your 'history' ??? THEN,its time to have a great turning point in your life -yeah, I have gotta tell you something,about a website where you can express your innovations,AND, its absolutely of no investment !!!

Have you heard about yes,there is no need to explain about it to you.If your answer is NO, I can give you some information,because I am a beginner who have started writing in it since last 5 days! is a space for freelance writers ,where they can write articles on their own about various subjects, for eg,like business,sports&recreation,art,religion,internet,education,books ,love,dating,movies etc.There are even more topics and sub-topics where you can write your pargraphs.You can write yourself or can refer to any other websites about the subject in which you are interested to write.If you are referring any other source to write the article,you have to give the link of that site or book in the 'http' column.You can also include images in your article.You can make the text bold,underlined or can link to any other site if you think there is the need for further detailed information by just using the simple html formats tagged there.Also, you can quote your name at the 'author's column .

You can find the other co-writers who are writing for the wesite.Their details are also given in the site.You can contact them if you want to clearify any doubts.You can also invite your friends to join and can write together for a fine article to be shaped out.There is a page for your info which you can open using a username and a password.You can also choose a pen name for your writing career!You can read the articles written by other members.There is the oppurtunity for the readers to rate the article.After you have submitted the article,you can see how many readers have visited your article,number of articles and their names which have sold out ,your latest articles,comments of the readers about your article etc.

What about writing ?There is some hints that I can give you for your reference.If you want more & more readers attracted towards your article,you have to write according to their interest.For that,first of all,you should know the recent trend in the field of writing,ie,you have to know what are the subjects in which the readers are more interested in.

For example,if you take the subject 'movies',you have to search for the latest movies in the film industry round the world.Then if you founded out that hollywood films are at the top of the rating among the films listed,then you have to search hit films.For instant ,you found that the latest versions of the film 'Indiana Jones' and the 'chronicles of Narnia' are the favorites of the people round the globe,you can write reviews about those films.But always take care to write articles about latest things and trends & if you are writing review about books,please always select not the book of your choice,but the books the readers want to know about.For that,you have to have the idea about very latest books arrived in the market.

The theme behind I keep on asking you to select the latest movies or books is that ,if you are choosing those new ones, the readers will be interested in the items or articles to which they are not much exposed to.For example,most of the internet users don't know what is a blog or how to create a blog.So,if you comment on such a topic,the readers will be automatically opting your article which gives a wide range of information about all the aspects one should remember and do inorder to create a blog.An important matter you have to note while writing is to use simple language through out your article which can be understood by even a low literated person.If you follow this tip,you can find a number of readers on your way or other wise,your article may not become a best seller.You have to write continuously if you want to become a good writer as well as a growing star among the other writers & you will get lots and lots of oppurtunities again and again!
Really fascinated,DON'T YOU?

Then, here comes the real wonderful,surprise gift for you-YOU will GET PAID for your article if some other publishers get interested in your write-up!And its no one else who is going to decide the price value for your article rather than YOU!!! YES, ITS TRUE. YOU can enter the price you expect to receive for your article in the 'price' column.

(But before registering,let me tell you-This is a serious business!Go after this ONLY IF you are taking the art of article writing seriously and DON'T try to copy aritcles from somewhere else.If you try such malpractices or shortcuts,you will be severely punished under legal acts!!!)

Felt scary? HEY, I just gave you a warning ,that's all!Don't step back! The warnings are for those who go for malpractices!I know,you won't go for those shortcuts.

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Published: 2008-05-31
Author: Remya cc

About the author or the publisher
I am an INDIAN , a higher secondary science student who is interested in writing articles for online websites .


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