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Artificial Intelligence- Can Intelligence ever be Artificial!!!

Artificial Intelligence Insights

We in India have a very old saying which my dad often used to quote during my struggling days “Rome was not built in a day”. And I was too hesitant to ask him due to my own ignorance. The funniest part is I never ever tried to dig out the facts associated. It is only now when I tried hard, and the results were astounding.
Origin of Term: Came from Greeks; so lets start from here.
Greeks say: Self dictated
Geeks say: Lot of Fun
Laymen say: Heavenly stuff
Implementations say: Wait !!! as they are themselves are not very sure the maturity of advent of AI
Abhinav Vaid Says: Well, I seriously do not know. But yes there is a whole world out there to be digged out into.
Daily Life
- Can Traffic Signals replace Cops???

Security Services and IT
- Is False Detection better than no detection???

Actually this happened with the best test lead of one of the best security products in the world today.
On Theory of Technological Innovations and Maturity Models
The Engineers would always ask for the proofs in terms of statistical data and associated projections and proofs

1.Industry movement from notepad arena to current code generators: When we started programming during the early days, we used to have notepads for writing html pages to the .java files and then compilation ~ debugging to shipment.

2.Code Generators and Control Systems: Even the development tools have come in place wherein an engineer doesn’t even have to write the code, the dev IDE’s take care of everything.

3.Embedded systems and Cross-Compiler concepts and simulations

A couple of artificial intelligence projects:

There are still many jobs which are in no immediate danger of automation. No device has been invented which can match the human eye for accuracy and precision in many tasks; nor the human ear. Even the admittedly handicapped human is able to identify and distinguish among far more scents than any automated device. Human pattern recognition, language recognition, and language production ability is well beyond anything currently envisioned by automation engineers.
Specialized hardened computers, referred to as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), are frequently used to synchronize the flow of inputs from (physical) sensors and events with the flow of outputs to actuators and events. This leads to precisely controlled actions that permit a tight control of almost any industrial process. (It was these devices that were feared to be vulnerable to the "Y2K bug", with such potentially dire consequences, since they are now so ubiquitous throughout the industrial world.)
The Road Ahead: Signs as they say

1.Pervarasive Computing

2.Wearable Computers

3.Robotics in Daily Activities

The Proofs:

1.IBM’s work on …


3.Mobile Gaming multiplayer

4.Neural Networks:


The Testers Would say: Enough about it, where are the implementations to test. So guys here it comes, right from my heart:

Virtual World with Virtual Life:

Making the Business Sense: artificial general intelligence software engine development effort
Published: 2007-04-27
Author: abhinav Vaid

About the author or the publisher
Technology Head, Product Release and Testing
Telecom & Wireless Group, Ardit Services (A fully owned subsidiary of Lotus Interworks US)
Its been almost 10.5 years since the time I got associated to IT and I have been doing documentation/ testing/ product release/ dev(mostly scripting related). I have been leading Release and Test teams from past 3.5 years. I have worked with RiverRun Software/Motorola India/McAfee India. Some of the key projects that I have tested and released:
CodeWarrior P

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