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Astrology, The personal Astral Map ,Astral Map, astrology professionals ,Sign of Aries. And I have my Moon in Pisces in the House Ten!

I am of the Sign of Aries. This means that I am a man of a lot of action, very resolved, courageous! I have my ascendancy in Taurus: this means that I am a man that worships the beauty, the wealth and the sensuality. And I have my Moon in Pisces in the House Ten! This means that I have vocation for the poetry, for the therapy and for the mysticism.

Perhaps the friend reader thinks that I am a specialist in Astrology. Oh! I feel a lot: I am not a specialist in Astrology! Actually, I requested an Astrologer that made my Astral Map! If the man wants to know more on himself, to contact a good astrology professional and to order an Astral Map is - the appropriate attitude! The astrological orientations in Newspapers diaries are very superficial! The personal Astral Map is especially accomplished for the person that requests him. It is a personalized work! It is based on day, hour and birthplace.

The Astral Map is wide, deep and advisor in your analyses! Let us imagine an ignorant person regarding herself, in face of the difficult life that all lived , as it should suffer! Actually, it suffers! In another way, let us imagine a person in the fullness of the knowledge of your soul!: as it should dribble the difficulties with category! With certainty it dribbles yes, because she knows your best personal possibilities, your talents and your limitations! Your steps don't hesitate unlike the ignoramus on itself.

When ordering my Astral Map my life it changed! I stopped losing time creating several projects that nothing had to do with me! I abandoned the loving fantasies, professionals, social. I didn't want the failure, but the success! The Astral Map did with that I knew me much more - and I walked for the correct path! I reached the success that so much wanted!!! In the starry and poetic calm nights, let us reverence the astronomers and your galactic discoveries! But we also reverence the astrology professionals that know how to read that cosmic poetry guiding the people that suffer starting from the Astral Map.

Published: 2006-10-21

About the author or the publisher
My name is Adilson Pinto. I am 47 years old. I have 5 published books. I am Therapist Holístico and Journalist.

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