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Atkins Diet

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This is a high-protein and low carbohydrate diet that allows meat, cheese, eggs and restricted amounts of carbohydrates like bread, sugar, fruits and vegetables. This diet is based on the fact that eating carbohydrates produces insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas that leads to increased weight gain and hunger which is a true psychological response. The plan sticks to the fact that the dieters will experience reduced appetite and their bodies use up the stored fats to generate energy which will in turn lead to weight loss.

This diet plan is often regarded as the most successful one because of its focus on losing weight by converting fat into energy. This diet does not involve complicated meal plans and also, no calorie counting is involved. This makes a lot easier for people to follow this diet and lose weight successfully. At the same time, there have been numerous arguments regarding the high-proteins intake involved in this diet.

There are multiple risks like kidney troubles, strokes, heart diseases, osteoporosis and the like that are long-term side effects of the Atkins diet. On a long-term basis, the safety of this diet has not yet been validated as this involves the aforesaid risks along with extensive fluid loss. Nevertheless, it is a very famous and widely followed diet plan.
Published: 2008-09-11
Author: Medha Behera

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