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Attention Small Business Owners: In Need of a Credit Card Merchant Account

credit card merchant account

If you operate an independent small business and can only accept cash and checks, arranging a credit card merchant account may be the next step to dramatically increase your business’ profitability. While only dealing with old-fashioned methods of payment may simplify your work, an inability to accept credit cards can turn away significant numbers of customers. Nearly everyone uses credit cards. From elementary school children with an “emergency” credit card to adults who pay for everything with plastic, eliminating the need for cash has revolutionized the way business is conducted in today’s world.

With a credit card merchant account, you can be a part of this modern change. After setting up a credit card merchant account, online sales can increase for your business. Customers love to shop from home. Type16 numbers on the computer screen. Delay payment until the first of the month. Wait for the product to arrive in the mail. For consumers, this is the beauty of plastic. For you, this is the beauty of their increased amounts of spending. Because customers have reward incentives to use their credit cards (many companies offer free frequent flyer miles and cash back bonuses for spending with plastic), many shoppers solely use their credit cards for all expenses. As dollar amounts add up, so do their prizes. Without a credit card merchant account, some consumers may pass over your business.

Yes, there will be charges that your business must pay for a credit card merchant account. Each transaction may cost you a small fee, and there will be monthly charges for utilizing this service. However, these charges are nominal in comparison to the sales growth that your company can experience by accepting credit cards. Some have initial set-up fees of approximately $50. Others grant you free set-up and discounts on the software for accepting credit card payments online. The software required for Internet payments can be very expensive; a reduced price on this equipment can be helpful for your business expenses. Despite computer software that can cost nearly $400, a credit card merchant account remains a vital tool for the continuation of your business.

If you are skeptical of this additional expense and processing for your business, browse the online information about the benefits of a credit card merchant account. Many merchants and business owners seem convinced that arranging for this service dramatically increased their ability to succeed. While only accepting traditional forms of payment may reduce the amount of paper receipts in your office, it also may be reducing the amount of paper in your bank account. Ask your consumers their opinions. Search the possibilities. After weighing your options, decide if a credit card merchant account can enhance your earnings, too.
Published: 2006-05-08
Author: PearlyWrites, LLC

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