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Audio-Lingual Method and its Critical Review

Audio Lingual Method, Teacher, Student

What the learners are doing
They’re listening to a dialogue that the teacher is reading them. Through the recitation of the dialogue, the class takes off in the sky of learning.

Now they’re reading each line after the teacher’s model.

Now they are doing the backward build-up drills.

They now practice the dialogue in different ways: couples, trilogy; groups.
They use new Cue words introduced to them through different pictures, substituting on right slots.

In the same way now, new Pronoun chunks are introduced.

They now switch to a Transformation drill, say, changing a Simple sentence for a Negative.
At the end they are again repeating the dialogue in two groups without any hesitation.

In the next class they will work in the same oral way over: minimal-pairs; play a game of the same nature.

It’s purpose
The purpose is to make the students improve their listening skill as happens to a child naturally.

The purpose is to create an inductive awareness of the underlying structures in the dialogue.

To create a conscious recognition of the different words used in dialogue.

To make the students confident and at home of what they are taught.

To teach them to speak in a natural way as a child may go for.

To acquire language through perception.

Make them perfect in all the structures they’ve learned today.

To lock, maybe, the memory by joining the starting and the ending points.

To teach them every single structure and words in a natural way until they learn language.

Reading something to someone to streamline his attention is not a bad idea in my eyes.

I don’t understand how this is going to help. As they are trying to acquire language naturally in an unnatural way.
It’s more a rot type of way; it seems the learners are considered a blank sheet.
To me it’s blind learning without innovation on the part of students.

It may be very confusing as students may be puzzled by a different type of building of a bank.

Can we be sure that they will able to create new utterances being taught in this way? I don’t think so.
They do every drill orally (mostly). I think this is way too unnatural.

Ok. But how can we be 100% sure they have really learned all and will be able to use it like a child?

The method cannot be very successful as it is unnatural way of teaching a natural thing. A person never speaks learned sentences in a repeated fashion.
Published: 2006-06-09
Author: Mazhar

About the author or the publisher
I have been working as a freelance writer for the past almost five years. My work include 5 books, advertising campaigns, lots of editin, proofreading, translation.
Not an all-rounder, my area of professional skills covers: research-based how-to content, and creative copywriting, including tongue-in-cheek filler; greeting cards. Philosophical writing is one of my area too.

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