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Australia - kangroo land changing to students' hub

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Over the years southern hemisphere’s tourist hub - Australia has turned into a global educational centre. Every year many Indians fly down to Australian Universities quite unaware of what’s the place has to offer. First few months are spent more in adjusting to the Ausralia's Aussie lifestyle.

But before sending child to Australia for studies, a paranoid mother RH Singh, founder director of Smart Kids Kindergarten took the pain of visiting Australia. She checked campus life, studies, staying arrangements, standard of living and other necessary things to her satisfaction. Aussie faculty was quite taken back at an Indian mother coming all the way just to get the feel of the place.

“After my trip to Australia I am ready to send my son for studies, Alammohan Singh to join RMIT University, Melbourne,” says mother Singh. Being an Indian, she was happy to see not much of western influence striking Australia. Aussies are family oriented people. Kids continue living with parent till they are settled.

Combining leisure with work, after Melbourne Mrs Singh headed towards Sydney and later moved to Auckland, New Zealand. “The Australian capital is like any other metropolitan city in the world fast and busy. Life runs at a much faster pace than time.” During two days of stay in Sydney, Singh spent most of her time at Habour Bridge or Opera House. “When young, I would dream about standing at Harbour Bridge in Australia quietly. It finally came true. There was lot of movement around, lot of sound of cluttering, music of operas and people busy enjoying themselves.”

Surfing and yoking at the exotic beaches is a delight. For party animals there are numerous nightclubs and casinos to enjoy the evening.
“I met one of students there, who advised me to visit Crown Casino. Waiters, ushers ands barmen all were decent in mannerism. Exclusive juxtapositioning of flowers and light created a scintillating live show amidst all casino activity.”

Then Singh moved on to another Southern retreat – Auckland. It was Diwali time for Indians. For first time after marriage this dedicated mother was away from husband Harmohan on both Diwali and her birthday. She also missed her own mother, Amrita Kohli. But friends with whom she stayed over: Sonia and Ripu in Melbourne, Manjeet and Veenu in Sydney and Premjit and Opinder in Auckland made her feel at home.
Singh could never imagine that Diwali is that popular even in the other part of the globe. She recollects, “Just like India, on Diwali there was merriment all around with drink, dinner and dance, plus the dazzling fireworks.”

One Tree Hill, the second highest volcanic peak in Auckland, next to Mount Eden, offers views of the city and has a huge obelisk at the top.
This avid traveler prefers not to have Indian food in Australia, rather relish the local flavour. Recalling what’s available on platter in Melbourne, Singh says, “Food was not a problem.” Like Mumbai, every second place in Melbourne is an eating joint. All cuisine: Italian, Lebanese, Chinese, Italian, Paki and even Sri Lankan are available there.”Talking about two most countries famous for dairy products, how can one forget about chocolates. “In markets and shopping areas have lot of pastry-shops. Delicious chocolates diary products, meat, cheese and oversized hybrid vegetable are what all cater to the local taste buds.”
Published: 2006-06-07
Author: Bhupinder Kohli

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•As feature writer with ‘The Times of India,’ handling special feature pages on property, personal finance and travel.
•Headed the team of ‘Times Newspaper In Education,’ the school edition of The Times of India, Chandigarh(2003-04).
•Worked as the editor-in-chief of ‘Page Three People’, a magazine focusing on socialites in Chandigarh.(2004-05).
•Freelancer with ‘Life Colours’ magazine and ‘’(2003)

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