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Baby Blues .... Yes Its True


I never thought it could happen to me, is what everyone says right... well so did I...

I had a beautiful baby boy name Joshua Daniel, born at 10.45am on the 7/7/05 weighing eight and a half pounds, which I have been told is a big baby. Well everything was perfect or so I thought I had really low blood pressure and I remember thinking this is it, then I came right and I was back on track again, I had Joshua by cesarean not my choice mind you. Back at the ward I was moved the next day to a different room I was made to get up, and walk straight away, and taken off the drugs which I was still in very bad pain, so these days the saying goes they get you up and out of hospital before you know it, and I remember thinking to myself someone help me I need to slow down. I never had the baby blues with my daughter Kaitlyn Leigh of three years, I also had a caesarian with her as well. Second time however it was all so fast I didn’t even have time to think what a beautiful baby he was, and my sleeping habits were all out of whack.

On the third day I was in hospital the visitors just kept on coming in, and by 12.00pm I was so tired the nurse said she was going to put a sign on the door saying no more visitors, so I agreed I knew I needed that.

My dad walked in just as the sign was going up, and I burst into tears I couldn't stop crying I couldn’t believe it, I never had that before and the funny thing about it was I didn’t even know why I was crying how silly was that, I finally stopped crying after about ten minutes, my dad didn’t know where to look, and the nurse explained that I needed some well needed sleep, and he agreed to put the sign on the door as well, I think I upset a few people about putting the sign up on the door, but if I didn't, I would be so tired and a lot worse off than what I was so I have been told.

It was dinner time and I had been asleep for a while and I was feeling 100% better and now I know what the baby blues are all about, it was horrible knowing that I couldn't control it or what was happening ,I haven't had that feeling back again and I hope I don’t, because I knew that my baby needed me, I needed to stay focused and be positive and think happy thoughts about my baby. So I guess I soon snapped out of it I had to, even now at the age of eight months I still have to think positive, because if I don’t I know that I will go back to that horrible feeling that I cant control and that would be just disaster after disaster, and that’s no way to live.

Now I am in total control of my life and its wonderful, and the best experience is being a mum, I guess all I can say to other mothers out there just starting out is, .Don’t let people judge you, stand up for yourself, and believe in yourself, and love, Love is what pulled me through from family and friends and, now the love of a new life a wonderful young man that I’m very proud of, and can I say just this that no-one is perfect its all trial and error.
Published: 2006-04-06
Author: Deborah Pleydell

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Deborah Pleydell

When you Change the way you look at things,
The things you look at change.
To living the goodlife...

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