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Back to the Future - A Classic

back to the future spielberg

There aren’t that many movies in history that have special characters, to whom the viewer somehow attaches emotionally. One of those movies is Back To the Future. In fact, it is a trilogy, a trilogy that makes sense. There are no cliffhangers; the sequels are as entertaining as the first part and at the end of Back To the Future 3 you’ll feel a certain sadness, because the adventure has ended.

The Trilogy is about a teenager, Marty McFly, whose father, George, is a weak man, who is still bullied by Biff, his supervisor. Biff used to terrorize George when he was in high school. Marty’s friend, scientist Emmet Brown, manages to invent a time machine, a DeLorean car that can transport people in time. Marty saves himself from attacking Albanians by using the DeLorean. He arrives in the year 1955, where he meets his young father, Biff, his mother and even Emmet. That’s where it all begins, as Marty messes up time. In the second part, Marty ruins the present by making a foolish purchase in the future. In the final part, he tries to get Emmet back from the Wild West and meets his ancestors.

The movies feature famous actors, like Christopher Lloyd, Michael Fox and Crispin Glover.

In conclusion, this is one of Spielberg’s highlights and it’s a trilogy that any film lover must watch.
Published: 2008-08-14
Author: Alex Kostin

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