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Backyard putting greens have become as common as backyard basketball hoops

backyard putting green

Humans wants to be different but have the same things then their neighbors

There are so many things about human behavior that fascinates me. We all like to think of ourselves and our situation in life as unique and set apart from others, yet we go out of our way to want the same things as other people have. Many people claim to have their own style, yet ninety percent of the population owns a pair of blue jeans. It seems that we want changes and differences, yet we look to others to set the trends and then follow. We have a craving to stand out yet the craving to be accepted and to fit in seems stronger.


This wanting to be the same and to do the same things as others is evident in not only the clothes we where but also in the things that we do with our free time. One interest that seems to have taken our nation by storm is golfing. When I was a young girl golfing was something that the rich people did. Golf courses were exclusive members only clubs. Today there are many public courses and golfing is taught as a physical education course in high school. Backyard putting greens have become as common as backyard basketball hoops.

Neighbors project to get a common backyard putting green

My middle son took golfing in ninth grade. He had a natural talent and was asked to join the golf team. He loved golfing and would go as often as time and finances would allow. He asked if we could put in a backyard putting green so he could work on his putting. He went to the driving range at least twice a week but he thought that if we had a backyard putting green it would save him money. My husband and our next door neighbor are both golfers. They thought the idea of a backyard putting green was a wonderful idea. The neighbor offered to help develop the green if he could use it. My son was in charge of getting all the measurements from the golf course so that the putting green would truly be helpful. He talked to the grounds keepers as well as the golf pro at the course closest to our home. They were so impressed with his strong interest in golf that they offered him a summer job as a caddy. He came home so excited he could hardly talk. He said we did not have to develop the backyard putting green because he would be able to practice at his new job. My husband and the neighbor still wanted to go through with the project to develop their own putting skills. They are excited about our son getting to know the golf pro. They hope he can help them with their game.
Published: 2007-09-17
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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