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Bad Geometry

Phil Jackson, triangle offense, Lake Show

Time for change

Triangle Offense gone bad bring back The Lake Show Majic.

The Phil Jackson triangle offense is just not working in the town built on majic and a sky hook, with only one piece of the triangle offense working (two gaurd Kobe Bryant) the other two components have collapsed, or just haven't been seen on the Laker offensive blueprint. Phil Jackson's, The "Kwame Brown and Andrew Bynum" in the five spot monster is a experiment gone bad and not even Dr. Frankenstin can piece that thing back together. The outside zipcode threat shooter hasn't been there since someone decided D-Fish (Derek Fisher) and Robert ( I'll go to the Hall of Fame for hitting the most clutch shots in NBA history) Horry was no longer to be apart of the Lake Show. What has Phil Jackson left the diehard Laker fan with? A one ring circus called, The "Kobe Bryant Show" now that piece of the majical triangle is fading out.

The Lake Show where and what it is? For one thing it isn't a three player offense that works half court waiting and watching one player earn a living for a whole team by himself. It is a collective of five players defending their rear ends off and flying down the court making jaw dropping plays off of fastbreak oppurtunities and fans are happy win or lose. Phil Jackson is wasting Laker fan base time with triangle offense and poor player development around a confused talented young man.(Kobe Bryant)

Phil Jackson has allowed the patent for Lake Show to be stolen by Pheonix, Dallas, Utah, San Antonio, and all other seeds ahead of the number seven seeded Lakers. It's time for some change at the coaching position. Time for a new carpenter to rebuild the Lake Show. Someone who can get all the angles in line and use five players to build the box score up and not just depend on the individual effort of Kobe Bryant.
Published: 2007-06-06
Author: Chasa Khoul

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