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Bangalore Traffic Jam, Karnataka, South India

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Bangalore is known for traffic jams and congestion. Each and every person staying in Bangalore faces this issue every 2 days once. IT professionals consider this issue as a daily menace. To keep commuters informed about traffic congestion and bottlenecks in real time, Bangalore Traffic Police have made arrangements to send SMS. Everyday two SMS each during morning and evening peak hours will be sent to the subscribers. SMS will indicate congestion points and bottle necks. In addition reasons and alternatives will also be sent. Additional messages will be sent whenever there are man-made disruptions in traffic like agitations, serious accidents etc. There are two methods to register: one, by sending SMS ‘JOIN BTP’ to 567678 and two, by logging on to Bangalore Traffic website: Commuters can unsubscribe by sending SMS, ‘LEAVE BTP’ to 567678 or through the website.

If a person visits Bangalore after a gap of about ten years, he/she will be visibly shocked to see a total change. Traffic on Bangalore roads is so unorganized with potholes and impatient drivers. Traffic police face a tough job in maintaining road discipline. Bangalore called the Garden City of India / Silicon Valley of India / the beautiful city, has been almost submerged in traffic and traffic jams. One can see hundreds of passengers sitting disgusted in their vehicles which move like snails. Vehicles outnumber the road capacity. Almost equal numbers of pedestrians helplessly wait for long on both sides to cross the roads.

The latest solution of flyovers has reduced a lot of traffic jam on the busy roads. Till the construction of flyovers public face a lot of traffic jams. Example - due to the latest construction work on the Namma metro, Bangalore is witnessing traffic jams stretching for kilometers. The first lane (Byappanahalli-MG Road Metro sector) will most probably be inaugurated as per schedule, in December 2010, as per the announcement made by BMRCL MD N Sivasailam. Metro is planned to take care of traffic jams in Bangalore, the project is expected to cut down traffic jams and reduce traveling time.

Bangalore citizens can also contribute in reducing traffic jam. If people leave their cars at home while commuting and opt for buses or metro rail, traffic situation in Bangalore will drastically change. Metro rail is a boon to commuters as they need not travel by bus or personal transport. There would be no traffic jams and less travel time. Metro is told to be ready by 2011. So can Bangalore citizens breathe a sigh of relief from traffic jams then? All we need to do is wait and watch!
Published: 2010-05-05
Author: Sanjana Uthappa. N

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