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Basic Health Rules

Health & Fittness

Health is wealth. It is not only confine to a saying but it is a true fact of life .A healthy body has a healthy mind. Healthy does not mean to fill the body with fats. It means to be active and having the ability to do any kind of physical &mental work.

Our health is under the life style we adopt. Laziness is not a natural phenomena, it occurs when we don,t like to do any kind of work and obtain it. Our health demands some changes e.g

If we pray 5 times in a day, joints of our body work properly. Blood circulation becomes excellent. Offering prayer is the best kind of exercise also. It makes one regular in all his routine. Most of all the passion to obey Allah and meet Him creates such rays of light that are very useful for the health of brain and heart.

Early go to bed and early rise is the best principle for health. Dinner has to be taken before Isha prayer.After Isha prayer do not hesitate to go in to bed. And rise before the Fajr prayer.

Never try to obtain the habit of laziness. Try to do your personal work by yourselves. Take a lot of water to the cleanliness of glands, purifying the blood and discharging waste materials of body. Take a bath daily. Water makes our skin fresh and healthy.

Walk as more as possible. It reduces fats and lose weight. It improves breathing system. Our health .gain enviable praise if we act upon the above given rules (perform prayers regularly , take minimum 8 glass of water daily,and walk as more as you have time).And it becomes a glittering point if we make improve in our sleeping habits.Take a proper and in time sleep for the health of mind and body.
Published: 2008-04-01
Author: Rakhshanda

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