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Basketball Backboards - What You Absolutely Must Know Before you Buy Your Next Basketball Goal

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If you were to only look at one feature that most defines how good your basketball goal is going to be, it would have to be the basketball backboard. The backboard determines how easy it will be to do bank shots and how good a rebound you will get off of the system. So it’s vital to know one or two things about backboards before you go an buy your goal. Here are some of the key things to keep mind as you look at the various features of different basketball hoops.

Rigidity is the most Important Factor – The key thing that you should always look for when you are going to purchase a basketball system is the overall rigidity of the backboard. The easiest way to determine the rigidity of a basketball backboard is simply by taking note of the material. The most rigid and best material is glass, the next best is either acrylic or polycarbonate, and the material that shakes the most generally = is molded plastic.
If you are fortunate enough to actually have the basketball backboard in front of you, you can check on how rigid the backboard is by bouncing a basketball up against it. The more responsive the rebound, the more rigid the board, and the more interested you should be in buying the system.

Polycarbonate is Better Than Acrylic – For basketball hoops that are under six hundred dollars are so, the two main basketball backboard materials that you will see are acrylic and polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is always the way to go, just for the sake of durability. It isn’t really and more rigid or provide any better rebound than a backboard made of acrylic, but it has the neat feature of being able to deal with a whole lot of abuse and still be totally usable. It will even last longer, so you can count on using the board longer down the road.

Thickness is Important Too - Sometimes it’s a little a difficult to get this information, but you should also make sure to see what kind of thickness that each basketball backboard offers. If you are just getting a really cheap hoop, then you are probably going to look at 2/8 inch basketball backboards. If you are instead more looking at mid range type models, 3/8 inch is pretty standard. If you want NBA quality, then ½ inch is the only way to go.

Basketball Backboard Glass Doesn’t Break Easily - If you have the budget for a glass basketball backboard, you should totally go for glass. A lot of people go for the acrylic boards on high end hoops because they actually think that glass on backboards is really fragile and will break easily. The fact of the matter is that basketball backboard glass is heat tempered, really thick, and almost in every instance has a warrantee against breaking under normal basketball use from the manufacturer. So unless you think that Shaq is going to play basketball on your board often, just go with glass if you have the money for a premium high quality hoop.
Published: 2009-07-03
Author: James Drexler

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