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Be Active and Happy Survivor Even With Fibromyalgia !!

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Fibromyalgia ia an auto-immune disease.

Auto-immune disorders are caused when the body is attacking himself. In the case of Fibromyalgia the attacks are specially on the end of the nerves, that phenomenon is creating aching sensations in the muscles and joints particuliarly. Also at the neurologic level there is imbalances in the brain, like for serotonin and P substance. Serotonin is a neuro-transmitter important to regulate sleep and the P substance is implicated in the level of feeling the pain more than normal.

To find a cure for Fibromyalgia, the important question to solve is: "Why the auto-immune system of the body is attacking its own nerves?"

Digestive Problems

Poor digestion is part of the answer. Modern people eat complex meals, each food we eat then requires its own set of enzymes to be fully digested good way. Stress, junk & processed foods and fast lifestyle have negative impact on our digestion.

When the food eated is not well completely digested, the result is these molecules, not well broken for assimilation, enter the blood-stream and for the immune system they appear then like "foreign invaders" making the immune system in emergency alert. The answer of the body is to send immediatly leukocytes, white blood cells called usually antibodies. Fast the immnue system makes mistakes, because it is overwhelmed by these intrusions and the results in the confusion are: Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, etc...

Positive Suggestions

- Stress Management is very important: Reduce your Stress condition!

- Sleep Management

- Eliminate Allergens in your environment

- Eliminate Heavy Metals also

- Ensure a Good Digestion: change your Diet if needed, make lists of the best food for you, like Soya products, fresh fruits & vegetables and try to avoid the food making you sick, like cow milk, some meats, junk foods, processed foods

- Eat specially Food with Antioxidants

- Make choices of good Nutritional supplements, like: omega-3, minerals, multi-vitamins, Soya proteins powder

- Do Exercices 2-3 times by week, like walking, biking, swimming, stretching

* BE ACTIVE & HAPPY !! * ...and Forget Not: You Are Not Alone!

Published: 2006-11-16
Author: Danielle Dery

About the author or the publisher
- Biologist & Linguist
- Medical & Pharmaceutical, Writer & Translator
- Elementary school teacher, specially with children (4-6 years old) needing Speech therapy
- University tutor, Physiology & Nutrition

- Ph.D. Physiology & Nutrition, 1992
- Master in Education, 1990
- Bac. Biology & Pedagogy, 1979
- Bac in Languages, 1996

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