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How to become successful and rich? Not a common, but the main question in everyone's mind. Some try for it but fail. Some wait for the right time and opportunity. While some leave it on the destiny, luck and stars. But still there are few people, undoubtly very few, but they exist, who try for it and not only becomes rich but grow richer every day. What so special about them? They are also humans, having the same educational qualification, or may be lesser then the mob. They are having the same management experts and literature. Then what is so special they are having? The answer is the stuff between their ears and under their forehead, known as THE BRAIN. Still; all living organisms are having it, but not really using it. And those who use it, then the difference are how and in what way.

These very few successful people use it not only to think but in a number of ways. Like, they see the opportunity with it. They listen not only to their soul but what the conditions are telling them. Their brain speaks what and how to use the opportunities. They also contain a unique feature called 'guts'. This is not that doing everything abnormal, but everything uncommon. They believe in making their own luck lines on the palms. They got the potential that even stars changes the path according to them. They are ready to take the risks. It doesn't mean that one should do everything that seems ‘risky'. First, make sure and confident that you are loaded with all the information, data, chances, risk factors, scope and all. Then, it's your brain, which tells you, whether to go for it or not. And that's the time where these few successful people create the difference.

The people, who do not belong to the successful category usually, call them greedy and crazy. But I believe it's just that they got desires and daring. It is not that I am using a better and pleasant language. But we always look for the excuses. Blaming is nothing but just an excuse. No matter you are complaining against the system, condition, people or whatever. But finally, success is what makes history. Working and achieving goals in the adverse condition is the quality of true warriors. And the one who do it more perfectly is 'THE EMPEROR'. Usually, the mob calls it greed. But in the language of business and management, I would rather say that just go ahead, expand your desires and achieve them. The desire to reach the top. The desire to rule the corporate world. The desire to make more and more money. Be crazy. Again I would say it, show all the daring and gutts. Don’t wait and look for opportunities but create the opportunities. And believe me, it is possible. Otherwise, RAY KROC would have still been selling the shakes instead of owning one of the world’s biggest chains of fast food junctions, known, as Mc DONALD.SIR ALEXENDER GRAHAM BELL would have still been struggling instead of forming AT&T.

Now, I am going to tell you the real way to join the community of successful. Why are they different? I don't think that they really are. They are just doing and making the things different. Like all others, they don't earn money. Yes, they don't. Instead, they make money. Their actual employees are their money,every single penny. It works for them, earn profits, and collects other such employees for them. They do not believe in favorable time but make the time to favor them. They do not wait for the right opportunities, but creates them. Their brain keeps on working even if they are sleeping. They sense the direction of the pleasant wave. They never get offline. Their ears, eyes and mouth works all the time. They respect money; they form assets, so the money respects them. They don't believe in the useless words like impossible and I can't. What they believe in is how to make it possible and how can I.

We have so many, great management experts. I am not among them. Till now, I don’t have any book for you. But I am having my clients. Satisfied clients. One common and the most important requirement according to all these experts, as well as me, is attitude. The positive attitude or approach. God has graced everyone with some valuable gifts. The real power lies within us. Still, most of us are unaware. Discover it and make use of it, to make possible, all the impossible. Because it is said that; 'when the going get tuff, the tuff get going'. Recognizing your abilities is not important unless you don’t learn to use them. It is not important what you’ve learnt, what you know but how you use it. No books can teach management, still you can learn it. You can get the idea from various recourses, but you have to develop it further. You have to apply and use it according to your choice.

'DON'T BE A TREND FOLLOWER, BE A TREND SETTER'. In present time of globalization, we have several 'booms' every time. And selecting any one from several is not a big deal. Still people fail, why? The answer is that we are unable to see the full picture. Just like, during a game of soccer, players never see all the gaps. But anyone from the audience can easily notice it. Try to visualize the full picture using all your senses. Keep on thinking and creating opportunities. The people who say that the money is not important still work to earn it. According to a JAPANESE MYTH, there are three powers-the sword, jewel and mirror. Sword stands for the manual and weapon power. Jewel is the sign of money. And the most important is the power of the mirror. Mirror symbolizes self-knowledge. Because a successful can make money anytime. They can get the power of sword with few efforts. But self-knowledge is what make all this possible.

So ignite your thoughts and desires. Use all your senses and the magic box called 'brain'. Be alert and online every moment. Don't go for money. Instead; create the situations so that the money will follow you. Believe in yourself, because the real assets are lying somewhere inside u. All you need is to say yourself; 'I'LL TRY TILL I DIE.BUT I AM SURELY GOING TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE, ANY HOW'. And believe me, you will. So, on exploring yourself. So always keep on finding what you still don't knw yet.HAPPY WORKING!
Published: 2007-01-28
Author: shirish bohare

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