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Beautiful Skin: Achieve Beauty From Healthy Skin

imporatant tips to make your skin feel healthy not only from outside but also from inside.

May be it's true for some that age is a case of mind over matter-if you don't mind it doesn't matter,as Jack Benny's well-known quote goes.Easy for Benny to say,if there is any truth to another famous saying,from 19th-century English poet Mortimer Collins:-"A man is as old as he's feeling,a woman is as old as she looks." If it matters to you to look as youthful as you can, healthy skin's the ticket-skin's the thing that can either give away your age or believe it.

The skin is a cloak that shields our internal organs from the elements-it protects us from bacteria,chemicals,and the sun's UV Rays while it regulates our body's heat and signals pain to protect us against injuiry.Three layers make up the skin-the top layer of the skin called the epidermis is where the skin cells and pigment are made;the middle layer called the dermis contains the supportive collagen and the elastin that makes the skin snap back into place;and the cushiony bottom layer called the subcutis consists largerly of fat cells,along with some blood vessels and nerve and muscle fibre.

Beyond the biological,the skin plays a second important role -the body's thin blanket is the wrap we show to the world,causing some to say that healthy skin is where beauty begins.

To keep you skin looking taut and smooth,take steps to help this outermost organ stand the test of time.

Cleansing: wash your skin the way it feels best-choose the products that feel pleasant and wash the number of times that makes your face feel fresh.

Moisturizing:If it ain't dry, don't moisten it.But many skin types becomes dry and cracked if you skip this step.

Sun protection: No two rays about it-for all skin types,and at every age,slathering on an SPF 15 or higher is a have-to habbit,to protect against the UV Rays that cause wrinkles as well as skin cancer.

Eating-and Drinking Right.In general,protein is a plus and carbohydrate can be bad.Water has been described as the elusive fountain of the youth.Knowing what to eat-and why to avoid skin-damaging sugar-can restore life to a dull complexion.
Published: 2006-08-12
Author: Nupur Ghai

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