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Before I Blow Out The Candles

Play, eject, record, stop, pause

If only my life could be like a video cassette recorder,
just as tapes vary in duration,
I too will determine the length of my life.

I will press play when I feel ready to face,
all of life’s scenarios.
I will rewind all the joyous moments of my life,
especially the ones which caught me off guard.
I will then make these moments even more exceptional
by creating the ideal atmosphere
conducive to Elysian happiness.

I will fast forward all the bleak and dreary days –
experiences I wish to avoid
instead of having the sword of Damocles,
hanging over my head.

I will record all the times I was left feeling like a lark,
when life could not have been more desirable.
The same is true for the trying situations I have
but eventually rose above adversity.
so that my friends, family and the rest of mankind
will be able to derive strength from my experiences.

I will increase the volume where I need to be heard,
or when I feel others need to be heard too,
for there are many voices which go unnoticed.

As for the times I really wish for peace and complete
I can always press the mute button.

When I fell like capturing a moment,
Or when I have to emphasis a point,
To really hit the nail in the head
I will press the still button

When I feel I need a temporary break from
school, work , church and other activities,
I can always press stop,
and then continue when I feel rejuvenated.

Then when my days are done,
I can always eject
and slowly make my way to my next life.
Published: 2009-04-23
Author: Kudzai Muzenda

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