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We all start something, sometime. Even the greatest sportsmen were at the beginning knowledge less. We all learn to create our way in life. Some of us do what they really like and what makes them happy and confident. I could not deny the fact that writing sports articles is one of my passions. I wrote only in my native language until now, but I think I’m capable to start something new. Here it is again the idea of a new start. And if we’re talking abut beginnings let’s take a closer look to beginnings in sport. First of all people used to practice sport activities for ages. Starting with athletes from antic Greek Olympics, going through knights battles in the Middle Ages and finishing with today sports, all had a 0-point.

One of the greatest rivalries in these days and probably in sport’s history is the one between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. It is not just a play contrast, but it is also a mentality contrast between those two great players. We all saw even one of their incredible matches and we could not loose the contrast between their attitudes. Federer, on one hand, is more relaxed, or apparently careless. He is like a machine that works on and on, with out many mistakes. Federer’s face is impassible. We can rarely read something in his eyes. The way he plays is just the perfect way to success. His dynamics is absolutely gorgeous. If we study his best tennis we can get close to perfection. But he’s in the end just a human being. We can understand this by his emotions, by the way he acts when he plays with Rafael Nadal, the man who broke Federer’s expansions, the man who put an end to FedEx reign. He was and I guess is still the only one who found the way to beat perfection. Now, there are one or two more players who can beat Roger, but the do it in Nadal style. Rafael is a simple 23-year old man. Nadal is not Federe’s complex, he is just himself. He is a hard worker; he knows what he wants and he work on and off the field to reach his dreams. He acts childish sometimes but this is his nature. Now, he improved his game very much and I don’t see the one who can beat him. Here comes the problem. Like in Roger’s case, winning too much it is a not for his best.

Nadal tends to be like any other champion. He wins all and he has no opponent. All has a start and an end. But the end of something is the start of something else. Eras and eras have past. History noted what really mattered and is still an open book with many blank pages. There are thousands of millions of words that could have been said about those two great champions, but I have to go to the school and time is passing me by. I don’t know if this is a good article, but I know this is a new beginning in my writing. I apologies for grammar mistakes (if they are) and I promise I will be back with some better stuff if you are agree with that.

Thank you,
Published: 2009-04-01
Author: Dinca Andrei

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