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Belly button rings for all ages

belly button rings

My stylish friend

I recently ran into a friend of mine who is one of the most stylish young women in the area. This hip and trendy gal is in her early twenties and she wears the hottest designs available in clothing and in jewelry. Some pieces that turned me green with envy is her belly button rings.

Mom in her thirties

Since I’m a mom and since I’m in my late thirties, I figured that the days of belly button rings were long gone for me. I would have to be happy with the notion that my dear friend can wear them with ease but I would have to pass. When I expressed my disappointment in the absence of this kind of jewelry she convinced me otherwise.

Elegant and sophisticated rather than young and flirty

She argued that I work hard at the gym to keep a tight figure. Why not show it off with designer belly button rings? The trick is to find something that is elegant and sophisticated rather than young and flirty. I decided to take my friend’s advice and I started browsing online for belly button rings that would be appropriate for me. And did I find some? Oh yes. I found plenty belly button rings that are quite elegant and understated. There are many different designs and some are quite modest. I love that I can add this kind of pierced jewelry to my wardrobe without worrying about going over the top.

Dangling designs

The first few belly button rings that I saw were a little too much for my modest tastes. These dangling designs were too flashy and shiny for me and I really thought that I was going down the wrong road when browsing though the colorful belly button rings. There were so many pink hearts floating around I thought that I was shopping for Valentine’s Day.

Elegant Belly Button Ring

Just when I thought I should give up, I came across a well designed Web site that had elegant, well made belly button rings that I could call my own. One design is actually called Elegant Belly Button Ring. This one was quickly added to my online shopping cart. The style was perfect and the price was right.

Mature woman

The Elegant design is ideal for the mature woman because it is sleek and understated. There is a single cubic zirconia stone followed by a hoop with several shimmering chips in it. That’s all there is to these beautiful belly button rings. They make the perfect addition to the savvy mature woman’s jewelry wardrobe.

Don’t let age get in the way of style

There are plenty other designs to consider in belly button rings that appeal to all women. Don’t let age get in the way of style. There are too many choices available to just give up.
Published: 2007-09-18
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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