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Best Communication Strategies

Best communication Strategies, communication strategies, communication

Best communication strategies relay information on five Ws and one H – Why, What, Who, When, Where and How, and help you plan communication with audience, other stakeholders and your colleagues. They improve the interactive communication, provide structure for identifying events that require outreach, consider potential messages and audiences, and develop vehicles to deliver information.

Best Communication Strategies are designed to maximize the shared information and minimize misinterpretations. Communication strategies must take into account message, audience, potential vehicles, resources required and feedback mechanisms as the best communication strategies are the blueprints for building a campaign to inform and to be informed by the others. They can also prove to be quite useful in expediting quick information dissemination in sudden unfolding events.

In situations, when issues are complex or sensitive, best communication strategies help you to systematize information and deal with the concerns that may arise out of these issues. Best communication strategies let you avoid potential misunderstandings about difficult issues, as you plan ahead.

While formulating the best communication strategies, it is essential to factor in the Freedom of Information Act available to people. Also, ‘time’ is of critical essence in best communication strategies. During emergencies, it is imperative to ensure rapid information exchange, a fact the best communication strategies cannot afford to miss.

Best communication strategies ensure communication needs to be fulfilled throughout an event or project. This requires an early analysis of participants and their roles. A successful communication strategy is often a part of the larger community, activity or plan.

Best communication strategies are known to address the question, why the communication is necessary. A single focused message that requires to be communicated must be identified. Next, what is to be achieved with the communication must also be deliberated upon. Is the goal simply providing information or increasing awareness or encouraging action or building consensus or changing behavior or promoting community participation or resolving conflict or asking for a response or one or more of these or something else? Once communication goal is developed, it can be incorporated as part of the message.

Messages to be communicated can be listed, discussed, stated more completely and ranked according to priority, before they are narrowed down to two or three key messages. Similarly, all potential audiences can be identified and questions addressing them can be raised so as to increase the effectiveness of message and develop an efficient delivery mechanism.
Published: 2007-04-18
Author: Ajit Jha

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I am a writer with 15 years experience having worked in Times of India and several other publishing groups. I am of the opinion that amongst the several other roles I have as an author, the most primary one is to use writing for creating evolved human beings and a pacifist world order. Although I have an experience in different genres, I prefer these days to write on spiritual, motivational and self-help subject matters.

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