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Beyond Silence

Inspirational, how to take decisions, finding my way, Silence, thinking

Silence is not merely the absence of sound; it's rather the independency of One's personality. The expression is widely used but few do understand the true concept lying behind it. An ocean of emotions, a mountain of feelings and little disturbances are the frame work of that phenomenon.

True silence is only a moment where you build your own imaginary world, utilizing your emotions, feelings and even disturbances to create a perfect atmosphere for a healthy thinking. To you disturbances may seem to reduce the perfection of that mood. However, it increases it as you potentially acquire new evinced skills and powers to overcome such baffling attributes. Silence seems now to be an ultimate luxurious world were thinking would be smooth, neat and even clean.

Don't think that your "thinkings" wouldn't meet reality because they were thought in an imaginary world, but they rather depend on what is BEYOND SILECNE!!

Beyond silence is the smallest period of time you can recognize. It's when you truly take decisions in what you were thinking during silence.

If you feel and not merely visualize that tiny and fatal part, then your decisions shall all come right and even be the best.

Gifted people only are able to recognize and understand it. You could be one of them but you only need someone to show you the way.

Don’t think that my words are insane, just process them in your mind and try look through a wide gap rather than a narrow one.

Trust me………you'll find your way!!
Published: 2007-03-18
Author: Dr. Ahmed Wagih

About the author or the publisher
As early as I remember, writing became one of my most happily performed activities that enabled me to illuminate my potentials in expressing my hidden thoughts and attributes. Writing has always endorsed my feelings towards life, by merely key punching or ink spattering.

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