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Bi polar, The Benefits Of Mood Stabilizers

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We all know, when the story go to the doctor, get diagnosed with depression, get a anti depressant, then get sent home. First of all if you have Bipolar or manic depression which is now known as the same disorder then you already know the ups and downs of everyday life. Every day is a battle, you look in the mirror unable to even look at yourself, praying to god that you could be some one else, some one with a purpose, a life, a goal. Maybe you are able to function every day maybe you can’t even pull yourself out of bed. Well first of all Family doctors are not experienced enough with Bi polar/manic depression to know that prescribing you a anti depressant
with out a mood stabilizer, will swing you right into a manic phase without a hope in the world. Being compulsive an unable to handle the power and the concur the world feelings you feel, rushing idea’s are pouring through your mind like water rushing down a water fall.

First of all you should go to a behavioral specialist weather it be a
physiologist or a NARP who specializes in a variety of mental health
disorders, that is where you can get real help. There are different
types of mood stabilizers the old stand by lithium which is effective yet causes weight gain and thyroid problem’s, Lami is another mood
stabilizers that is very effective the only down side is that you have to start with a low dose such as twenty five milligrams and work your way up to therapeutic dose, If the doze is not gradually increase a deadly rash could be a side effect, which will be monitored by your doctor, you should let you doctor know if you have even the slightest rash.

The benefits of mood stabilizer in combination with antidepressants is
that the antidepressants will keep you from going down into the
darkness that has no end, you will stay at a level a bit above the darkness unable to go down any farther, another benefit is that instead of going into manic mode the mood stabilizer balances your feelings in such a way that you can control your self with out actually experiencing true mania. Which is quite beneficial considering that a severe manic phase can range from delusions of grandeur to landing you in trouble with the law. How ever it is not common knowledge that antidepressants with out a mood stabilizer are not effective for bi polar, only professionals who specialize in mental health understand the importance of balance, and that bi polar is a condition and or disease that can be controlled with medication, but not cured.

There is still hope for everyone who suffers with getting medical
treatment, and a medication cocktail that works for you is the best route, always be sure to let your mental health provider know how you feel. Heor she is not there to judge you. It’s their job to help you get through your crisis, and teach you ways to manage your disease. Never feel like you can’t be honest with your doctor, if you don’t tell them exactly what your feeling they can’t diagnose you correctly, and find the right route to help you. Once you get on your meds it’s very important to stay with it, the balance of every day progress will feel so wonderful it’s almost like all at once your able to handle every day life, the situations that arise, the wild mood swings stop or become at least bearable to your self and those who live with you. The guilt you feel will soon slip away in to the distance and everything will finally start to make sense that is what is so great about depression and mood stabilizers it’s practically as if depression doesn’t even exist anymore, and you can finally make since of your life and make your personal dreams come true.

The First step is knowing that depression is a disease, you are not
alone, and you don’t have to make the journey of living alone. Learning
to comfortable in your own skin, being able to stand being around
yourself and actually living life is so much better than trying to run up endless mountain alone.
Published: 2006-03-29
Author: Eric Raymond

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