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Black American West Museum and Heritage Center

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The Black American West Museum and Heritage Center was founded in 1971 by Paul W. Stewart. Their main goal is to collect, preserve and spread the country about the blacks that contributed a lot in the community. Blacks’ profession when they came in the country are miners, soldiers, homesteaders, ranchers, blacksmiths and doctor. The first woman black doctor who happens to be the owner of the house and now, it is the museum itself.

There are many rooms for their exhibits. One is the homestead, it was dedicated to the town of Dearfield, Colorado that has 500 black residents and years passed brought them to drought, storm dust and depression that forced most of them to go back to the city. In the Cowboy exhibit, consists of cowboy items that was used and their photographs of famous cowboys can be viewed. Also, the military exhibit which is mainly on the military lives of the black people. Some of the famous faces and their contributions to the society are in their exhibit rooms.

Find out more in the Hall of Education which includes some videos in the past happenings which are entertaining and educational as well.

If you want to know and read more about the black of the Old West, you can stay and find more info at the bookstore.

Different types of memberships are open for young and old. Becoming a member can avail of more benefits like discounts at their shops, free admission and a lot more. You can apply online or through phone.

Part of the American’s history is the black people who made great contributions to some of the American communities. It is really an honor and privilege to learn and to grow with them as well. Despite of the race, all of us should share ideas to perfectly perform our task and spread the world with dignity.
Published: 2007-11-25
Author: Ramvie Santiago

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