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Booming fame

scars, popularity

Blooming Fame

Whenever I go, marketplace, lanes or streets, people gawk my visage.
Be females or males each comes close to me and look at me with keen
interests. I have become the center of their attraction as if I am a
zoo creature. From my neighbors to strangers ask me the identical

It's not because I am a rebel leader who has surfaced on recently
after being underground for long. Neither have I propounded any new
theory in astronomy. Nor I have won any big contests including Mr.
University or one of the most handsome men. Well, I am not a one of
those defaulting entrepreneurs who have not paid their multi millions
loans package. Obviously, I am neither Rajesh Hamal nor Girija.
Frankly speaking I'm also not Prince who, has been rescued after fifty
hours, had fallen down in a fifty feet deep hole in south India three
weeks back. Why do people give me so much interest?

I am a common Nepali guy having average height, weight and status.
Only difference in my countenance is brown patches around my
foreheads. These appeared astonishingly one night. As she believes in
Ayurveda, my mother applied some garlic paste over there when I
complained of terrific headache. Needless to say the migraine ceased
after few hours, I didn't feel any tension. However muscles over my
forehead were contracted due to the paste. I scraped them out slowly
in the next morning. To my mammoth surprises there were more than a
dozen blemishes with few blisters.

I wondered how to go to office and get shot group photograph according
to schedules. I knew even after taking a leave for a week it could not
be hidden. So I first tried with a cap, then scarf but neither was a
remedy. I was thinking hard. I remembered an optimistic anecdote –
once an optimistic man broke his left leg; knowing it his critics
asked, 'What do you say?' he merely laughed and said, 'How kind is the
god! Thinking two shoes cost a lot he has made me buy only one shoe.'

In this mundane life there are many people who are handicaps.
Thousands of them are blind and deaf. People having horrendous faces
are also seen commonly. Are they ugly? Of course not, most of them
have internal beauty. Even our motherland has been suffering a lot.
There are many scars – scars of fights, poverty, superstitions,
backwardness, etc. Still she is sustaining from many odds. Really, I
could not be an exception. Moreover it always doesn't happen. It is an
opportunity to know what reaction the world gives to me. So I decided
to go out.

Like my country I am also getting much sympathy and popularity than
before, 'How did it happen, accident or acid?' Thus, these scars and
blisters have given me new identity and I feel vanity on these.
Published: 2006-08-22
Author: Mr. Eak Prasad duwadi

About the author or the publisher

Born in 1976 at Dhola-9, Dhading, Eak Prasad Duwadi now lives in Kathmandu. He’s involved in many National/International organizations. English Literature Master’s Degree holder with couple of other degrees including Mass Communications, Mr. Duwadi who has won notable awards, is a prolific writer in contemporary issues. He has been teaching in reputed Schools, colleges and university students for last ten years in Nepal. Currently, he’s a faculty in Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel.

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