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Business Ethics

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As part of the business ethics kept up by large organisations, customer service occupies a prime place. Theservice could be at ground level nd through remote meams.The first is easily measured. the time taken toattend the distress call, if any, and theeffectiveness ofthe response.

The second falls in the realm of intangible and is difficult to assess. This service demands lot of maturity, a sense of humour andf the capability to disarm the worst critic. The person at the helm should also be in a positionto judge a person in case he walks in and fairly guess his aga and mood in case it is a phone call.Thebusiness process outsourcing and the problems connected with the industry could be directly linked to the effeiciency or otherwise of the people manning the answering counters.100

Business ethics demand that the client be taken into confidence.This is easier said than done.The paying customer wants no excuses and hewants theservice immediately.Thephysical limitations wouldnot interest him.So the shift occurs. From action to intention. If the customer hasbeensatisfied with the trackrecord so far, he wouldnot mind waiting.When the going is good, treat the customer with respect. Perhpas brand loyalty could be sustained .The product plus is sustomer service.

A network of agencies is essential for immmediate response if it is a manufacturer we are talking about.Market survys should be undertaken first before the product is introduced. As themarketing guys know, thereare some test markets too. for instance two cities in the south have long been test marketing cenres. Because the people there are dynamic.

Business ethics imply that the corporate has gone beyond the legal to safeguard customer rights.This approach may earn for it the kind of loyalty which no rival could take away.These are days when brand loyalty is supposed to be elusive. May be it is ture. But the hard earned reputation of the corporate as the champion of business ethics cannot be erased.It is a reality allthe time.If it is lost, it is not due to clients' choice but the callousness of the corporate.

If ethics is the foundation of happy life , business ethics is the synonym for success in the corporate world. Wannabes come and go but the ethical champions shine for ever.
Published: 2007-11-17
Author: msramamurthy

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am well versed in all things that matter, and keep myself updated. knowledge, I feel, is a burden and need to be shared. Thisis the minimum duty of a human being.

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