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Problem of small business

A lot of people talk about the problems faced by small business owners, but few of them really understand the nature of these problems. Although it is true that owners of small business are at a disadvantage, this doesn't tell the whole story. Yes, things are set up in favor of large corporations. They have more resources, more political clout, and better tax benefits. Nonetheless, small businesses also have some advantages. They have less bureaucracy, more efficient operations, and often a better grasp of business strategy. In my opinion, the biggest problems that small businesses have involves the reluctance of owners to see a business as merely a financial endeavor. Rather than buying and selling businesses as economics dictate, they keep themselves involved in the family business perpetually, unable to break out of one narrow operation.

Buy a business franchise

In reality, it is often a better choice to buy a business franchise and start your own business. Buying a business, after all, can have some big advantages. You'll start with employees, resources, name recognition, and set protocols and procedures. Even if you don't know how to run a business, you can always benefit from the expertise of the people who are already there. When you buy businesses, it is much easier than you might think to ensure the loyalty of existing workers. By taking a friendly management strategy, consulting them for their advice, and laying off few or no workers, you can start things off on the right foot. You might even get some good tips on business strategy while you are at it.

Buying a business should be temporary

Of course, just succeeding in business is no guarantee that you should keep the business going forever. Once you buy a business, you should view it as a temporary job rather than a permanent ownership situation. Often, even with a successful business, it is more profitable to sell than to keep holding on to it. When you sell a business, you can free up a lot of capital to make future investment decisions. Businesses can be like any other investment. You buy a business when it is undervalued, and sell it when it is overvalued. Even if it is still making you money, it is important to know whether or not you can make more money somewhere else. The best businessmen, after all, are not only distinguished by their business intelligence, but also by their willingness to take risks. They buy a business and work hard to make it grow, but always with an eye towards future projects.
Published: 2007-09-18
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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