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Buying and selling Elvis doll

elvis doll

Popular performers

It seems that there are dolls out there for just about anything. The most popular performers of our times are the ones that seem to have the most. If you look online for an Elvis doll, you are going to find more than you can handle. Elvis Presley is arguably the most popular singer ever born, and the merchandise with his face and name prove that point all too well. Some like to get stuff to remember, and some find they are a great investment. Apparently, there is good money to be made on Elvis even years after his death.

Elvis doll

If you want an Elvis doll, you just have to decide how much you want to spend and how long you are willing to take to find the one you want. If you look, you will find them everywhere, but each has a unique price range. Some are more valuable than others, but as with any collectable, that is to be expected. As you can well imagine, the rare Elvis doll is going to go for more money. The same goes for the ones that have not been opened or that have remained in almost mint condition.

Not hard to find

You might think that the Elvis dolls and most other really great items from and about this performer would be in homes and treasured. That would mean they would be hard to find. That was what I thought as well, but if you look at eBay and other places online to bid on or buy collectible items, you will see that people are still bidding and buying many great items. Some of them are one of a kind, and the prices for these things are probably more than most of us can comfortably afford.

If you want to sell one

If you aren’t looking for an Elvis doll, but instead think you have one you want to sell, you should study the market. Some of the dolls made of Elvis go for a lot of money, and others do not do so well. Look at the one you have, and decide if it is in good shape or not, and find out what others just like it go for. Once you have that information you can make an educated guess about how much you can sell your Elvis doll for. Also remember that even though many go for a lot of money at auction, there are times when they don’t.

Anyway, of all time Elvis is still popular.
Published: 2007-09-20
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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