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Calories are Key

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Calories are Key!

If you want to lose weight: forget about dieting. You need to watch the number of calories that you body consumes. You also need to watch the calories that you expend through exercise. Exercise calories vs. food calories is the key formula to weight loss. So forget about fad diets. Diets don’t work. It’s more simple that that. Here is the calorie formula for weight loss…

Weight Change = Calories In – Calories Out.

You also lose calories for reasons other than exercise. Your metabolism burns calories. The average person burns 1200 calories per day. So the formula is not mathematically exact. But the calorie theory is perfect.

Who knew that calories and exercise make a mathematical formula for weight loss success?

What is so great about the formula is that it encourages you to exercise and it encourages you to eat healthy foods. That is not only the formula for weight loss, but it is also the formula for a long healthy active life.

Watch how much food you eat (and those calories!). Keep a written record. Keep a record of the exercise that you perform. Writing down your exercise and the calories you consume is proven to be the single greatest predictor of success. It will virtually guarantee your success. So why not do it?

Forget the hassle of dieting and remember… I need to exercise to burn the calories that I take in when I eat. It’s simple.
Published: 2006-05-18
Author: Andy Zagg

About the author or the publisher
Andy Zagg is a former Buddhist monk who has lived for extended periods in India, China, and Tibet. Currently he lives in Montreal, Quebec where he divides his time between helping new immigrants learn employment related skills and writing award winning poetry and prose. Andy has also produced a number of audio documentaries. Andy is interested in "search philosophy" as it relates to art and artists.

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