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Camping First Aid Kit

Essentials of a good camping first aid kit,How do you want your camping first aid kit to be?,Enhance your camping experience with a good first aid kit

Geared up to take off to your favorite camping destination? That’s sure not without that indispensable first aid kit. Whether you are out backpacking for tent camping, hiking, fishing, or on a biking trail, your camping experience will certainly be self-assured with a well stocked first aid kit.

How will you want your first aid kit to be? You can either create your own camping first aid kit and personalize your needs, or shop for a pre-packed camping first aid kit. Whatever your choice, a thorough checklist of the contents in your first aid kit is essential before you hit the camping ground.

Experts on medical emergencies would tell you that the checklist should essentially include basic materials which can handle any sort of emergency. They are of the opinion that knowing how to provide first aid at the time of emergency does make a difference.

Emergencies at the campsite can be varied – from simple cuts, burns and minor injuries to diarrhea and cardiac arrests. Although emergencies largely depend upon the age group of camping enthusiasts, there is a set of `must-haves’ in every camping first aid kit.
To begin with, a camping first aid kit must have the essentials for emergency wound management such as adhesive bandages, antiseptic swipes and gauze in a variety of sizes. There are non-stick sterile soft superabsorbent pads that provide a good environment for wound healing. These are recommended for bleeding and draining wounds. They keep the injured areas as sterile as possible in order to avoid infections.

Two pairs of latex gloves (or any other sterile gloves if u r allergic to latex), cleansing agent/soap and antibiotic towelettes to disinfect, antibiotic ointment and burn ointment to prevent infection, and a tube of petroleum jelly or any other lubricant are other related essentials. Equipment must include a pair of scissors, tweezers to remove foreign bodies or infected materials, and tongue depressor blades to clear the throat in case of choking.

To remedy cuts, scraps, bug bites and scratches, hydrogen peroxide comes in handy for cleansing the wounds. Saline solution is great relief for washing eyes if you happen to sit too close to a campfire and get ashes or cinders in them. It could also be used as a general decontaminant on the eye as well. For bug bites, small cuts and scratches, liquid pain relief solutions are ideal.
A sunburn relief spray or zinc oxide as sunscreens, ice pack in the event of sprains, a thermometer, a battery operated mosquito repellant and a chap stick for cracked lips are very handy possessions.
Make sure you do not miss out carrying any prescribed medications such as insulin, heart medicines or asthma inhalers. Hydrocortisone and aloe vera creams for skin allergies, anti-diarrhea medicines and laxatives are other suggested essentials.

Some items like water, blankets, ready-to-eat foods, flashlights and whistles may not come strictly as components of a camping first aid kit but it seems wise to carry them alongside. It is also wise to buy a small camping first aid handbook for interesting and handy tips.
Whatever your medicines may be, it is advised never to miss out on periodically rotating the drugs to account for expiry dates.

If you are not comfortable building your own camping first aid kit, there are several prepackaged first aid kits that you can buy, both online and across the counter. These first aid kits are well designed well stocked ultra light kits available in various dimensions.
Here again, most models of readymade first aid kits consists of the essential component of wound management including a set of bandaging materials, blister burn medications, and other necessary components to treat allergies, headaches and fevers. A wide range of accessories and equipment including handy water bottles and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) masks are available.

You can take your pick taking into account the duration of your trip and size of the camping group. These are multi-compartment zip open kits and make the equipment quickly accessible in case of emergencies. The cost of readymade camping first aid kits range from $ 5 to $ 450 (tentative figures).

Experts say that such first aid kits must be campsite specific as well. If situation demands, one must consider a well stocked snakebite kit as well. Snakebite kits must include a tourniquet, suction equipment, incision blades and a handbook on first aid for snakebites. Herpetologists and reptile enthusiasts often carry a combination of anti-venom vials in their kits. Pre-packaged snake bite kits are available too.

Whether you like to customize your camping first aid kit or go in for a readymade one, your kit must be vital enough to enhance your camping experiences and make adventures memorable. After all, it certainly is a blunder to lose out for not having carried an adequate camping first aid kit.
Published: 2008-02-03
Author: Paawana Poonacha Cariappa

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