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Canada Fishing Trips

canada fishing trips

Family trip

Some of the earliest vacations I remember are the Canada fishing trips that my family took together. Though I was only four or five, I remember a lot about these vacations. Each year we would all pile into the camper and drive north to Lake Christie in Canada. I remember that there was a lot of fishing, a lot of swimming, and we ate a lot of fish when we were there. I guess the amount of fish we had to eat would suggest that there were always plenty of fish there to catch.

Long road trip to Canada

We always left for our Canada fishing trips in the middle of the night. I remember my mother waking me up at four a.m. and stashing me away in the camper. We didn’t stay in the camper when we got to Canada, but it was always a great place for someone to sleep when they got tired. Thinking back, I don’t think it actually took us very long to get where we were going, but we always wanted to get there to start our Canada fishing trips as early as possible. This meant we left in the middle of the night, and that anyone who was not driving would be sleeping on the way.

Afraid of a boat for 10 years

There was one thing that happened on our last of our Canada fishing trips that had an effect on my life. We were in my grandfather’s motorboat going for ride when the motor hit something and flew up into the boat. It did not detach from the boat, but it flipped up so that the blades were out of the air. It scared me so badly that I would not get into a boat for another ten years. Perhaps that is one good reason why that was the last year we took Canada fishing trips. I suspect that going again when I was afraid of a boat would have ruined my vacation.

Good memories

I can imagine that there are many people who still take Canada fishing trips. Even though I was very young when my family took their last one, I do know that my grandfather and my uncle went there just a few years ago. They told me that they managed to find a spot along the same lake that we used to go to for our Canada fishing trips when I was a child. They said it was not the same without the entire family there though, and they wished that everyone still had time to go. While this may never happen again, I am grateful that I have these lovely memories with my family.
Published: 2007-09-18
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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