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Car Accident Lawyer in Detroit

Your preferred car accident lawyer in Detroit,How car accident lawyers go about insurance claim,How Detroit car accident lawyers operate

Imagine you are driving alone in the middle of the night on a highway somewhere in Michigan State when your brand new Volkswagen is mowed head on by a speeding truck. You are stuck for three trying hours before you receive help. This is exactly what happened to a middle-aged woman from Detroit recently. Her car fell into a gorge after ramming into a truck on the highway. Her cell phone snapped and her family was desperately trying to contact her on her phone for three hours, not knowing what had happened to her. A well-known Detroit-based car accident and personal injury lawyer is fighting her case.
It seems she is happy with the choice of her attorney. Like anybody else, she too was in the look out for an experienced car accident lawyer in Detroit who could provide her with aggressive and successful representation.

There are over a hundred expert lawyers in Detroit who are known to be specializing in car accident trials. Most of them are personal injury plaintiff lawyers who have a reasonably fair image of representing their clients’ interest. They are mostly lawyers certified in mediation with an extensive experience in motor vehicle liability such as car accidents, motor vehicle wrecks, truck accidents etc.
Many car accident lawyers in Detroit are found to be serving individual and business clients throughout Detroit metro area including Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, Genesee Counties and the surrounding areas.

If you are scouting for a car accident lawyer in Detroit, he/she should ideally, possess the experience of handling several hundreds of personal injury cases including a good number of car accidents related cases, with a proven history of providing effective and reliable representation. The lawyer should, before taking up the case, be able to provide you with an honest evaluation of your case and thereby make a start in preparing you for the trial.

If you happen to approach a law firm which you are considering to represent you, then ideally, you must find out which lawyer in particular would represent your case. It would be sensible and wise of the plaintiff not to allow junior associates with little experience to handle your case. There have also been instances when lawyers have been shipped out from other law firms. Under such circumstances, it would be difficult to build confidentiality and a sound rapport between the lawyer and the plaintiff.

Approaching a big law firm or a popular attorney is not enough. The plaintiff must find out if the lawyer representing the case does really have the experience to handle the plaintiff type of case.
It is equally important to find out whether the car accident lawyer understands medicine. It becomes pertinent because a personal injury lawyer has to understand the medicine involved in traumatic car accidents, especially in hard-to-prove cases such as closed head or soft tissue injuries.

When a trial involves a motor vehicle accident, the compensation claim is invariably against the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident or a compensation claim against the plaintiff’s insurance company. An experienced car accident lawyer has a good understanding of insurance companies so that the attorney is able to decipher how the other side thinks and deals with the claimant. So whether it is Detroit or anywhere else in the United States, one needs a lawyer who understands the unique federal laws that govern the accidents.
In fact, many car accident lawyers in Detroit feel that insurance companies know that lawyers and their plaintiffs are always ready to go for a trial to stake claim. This gives added leverage to negotiate for more favorable settlements with insurance firms.

In the case of motor vehicle accidents, car accident lawyers go into investigating all avenues of compensation including medical benefits, wage loss, household services, attendant care, nursing care, negotiating with insurance company, negotiating with other drivers’ insurance company and negotiating with any other party which may have been involved with the accident.

Car accident and personal injury lawyers in Detroit have facilitated award to several hundreds of plaintiffs, whether it is a $ 200,000 settlement for fall at a parking lot, a $ 500,000 trial verdict for broken sacrum in an auto accident case, or a $ 1,000,000 award for wrongful death for a car rollover case. They feel that that compensation claims for car accident victims are massive in accidents involving collision between an average passenger car and a commercial truck. “Due to the size disparity (average passenger car weighs 3000 pounds while a commercial truck weighs 80,000 pounds) and basic laws of physics, these collisions are likely to result in serious fatal injuries and significant property damage.”

Car accident lawyers in Detroit usually offer free online (telephone or internet) evaluation of cases. If the plaintiff and the attorney decide to proceed with the case, sometimes the fee is charged on an hourly basis or a set percent of the proposed compensation claim. The plaintiff’s case may be worth winning him a multimillion dollar award. So it may be remembered that a good lawyer is only filling in the gap between that multimillion dollar claim and no claim at all. So it is of great consequence to choose a befitting car accident lawyer (in this case, from Detroit) to fight your case.
Published: 2008-02-03
Author: Paawana Poonacha Cariappa

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