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Casino Keno Game Tips and Tricks Part 1

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The best casino keno games tips and winning strategies for virtual players.

• There are four main wagering options in a casino game of keno. The best option is the Straight up ticket. This offers a six spot bet. You can choose any six numbers from the one to eighty available numbers which consisting in keno ticket. If you bet $2 on such a ticket, you win nothing if only two marked numbers match with the winning numbers. If there are three matching numbers, your win is equal to your bet. Four matching numbers yield six dollars while five numbers yield $176 and all six matching numbers yield a jackpot of $300. Slots game is progressive jackpot game and the chance of winning is depends on luck.

• Some top casinos allow you to select up to 16 or 20 numbers in slots ticket. However, the more the numbers the harder it is to win the jackpot.

• There are multi-race tickets available in the keno game. This allows you to bet the same numbers for twenty successive games. You however have to wait for all such twenty games to end to collect your winnings.

• A slight variation of multi-race tickets is the stray and play version. You can play from 21 to 1,000 consecutive games. You can collect your winnings within a year.

• Another keno betting strategy is game play through reduced keno system. You select six numbers from the eighty and put it into the selection boxes. The next step vertically placing all these numbers, you can select any four numbers on each ticket line into a standard keno form. This forms three keno tickets with four numbers each. Therefore, this delivers you three betting chances for the cost of one. This also increases your winning chances various.

• The game of keno is a good place to win huge amounts of money with very little or trivial investment.

• Although keno necessitates you to invest scanty amounts, yet the game presents very poor odds. Chances of a win are one in million.

• Many players assume that in using specific betting systems to win at the game of keno. However, there is no such system in play. Every number has same chance of outcome number as the winning number. Some may think that successive ten odd numbers could bring more profit. However, there is no truth in it. Similarly, there is no particular winning combination of numbers.
Published: 2007-12-25
Author: Alina Farace

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