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Casino Keno Game Tips and Tricks Part 2

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The best casino keno games tips and winning strategies for virtual players.

• Some casinos do not allow paying a two number win. Therefore, checking with the rules and set of laws of the casinos game can help you to understand the winnings and the number combinations with them.

• The betting is a popular winning strategy in the keno gamble. You can make multiple bets on the same keno ticket and you do not have to pay any extra money. You only need to identify three groups of three numbers and mark the keno ticket as 3/3. If you mark 9, it becomes a straight bet. Therefore, 3/3 helps you place three bets for the cost of a single bet.

• A combination way bet helps you place six bets on a single ticket by marking it 3/6.

• Do not pay much concentration to the various promotional material and winning strategies of keno as available at the casino. These strategies divert you from the main game and tend to confuse you. Rather these strategies bring in better returns to the casino. You do not receive many benefits.

• Do not play the game of keno for a longtime. The house advantage of keno being very high will eat away your bets and any winnings too.

• Before playing a game of keno, move along the casino and study the keno outlets and booths. You can also go through the keno booklet to locate any marked differences in game play.

• While playing the game of keno in a casino, concentrate on the game. There are enough distractions in a casino like other free casino game, flashy lights, music, sound decibels, and so on. If you pay attention to other games, you could overlook your keno game and thereby, have to forfeit your winnings.

• Just like any other casino card game, every number has an equal probability of appearing as the winning number. There is no justification in favoring any number just because it has not appeared for a longtime or just because it is appearing often.

• Play keno games for short-term profits. Always play keno games at the casinos offering high payouts.
Published: 2007-12-25
Author: Alina Farace

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Hello, I am Alina Farace. A freelance writer and website development in charge. I have written on many subjects on relationship, sex, matchmaking as well on adult sex dating services and discreet dating etc.

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