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Would you practice suicide?
Suicide - Is it a good idea?
Published: 2009-09-04 | Author: ADILSON PINTO

The Hidden Heart
The only solution for what you are looking for. FInd out to ways to get peace in life.
Published: 2009-07-22 | Author: Pearl Calvin

A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever.
Are you looking for the defintion of TRUE FRIENDSHIP? Check this is out.
Published: 2009-07-21 | Author: Pearl Calvin

Money and Charity
This article is about making charity of various kinds and its after effects.
Published: 2009-06-18 | Author: ceevel

Piety is the answer to perfection.
This article is about leading an ideal life with pure heart and pious thoughts as did Lord Ram.
Published: 2009-06-17 | Author: ceevel

Conversation with God
A conversation with god moments before he took my grandmother.
Published: 2009-06-11 | Author: Khushwant Singh

Prophets and philosophers
It was ironic,too,that Plato,socrates,edotor,ghost-writer and perpetuator,should become the patron saint of pure.
Published: 2009-05-18 | Author: Daniel J.boorstin

Prophets and philosophers
The way of dialogue was a special way od seeking that valued the spoken word and gave a secondary role to writing
Published: 2009-05-17 | Author: Daniel J.boostin

Socrates himself repeatedly denied the role of teacher,and he never bores us with the wagging didactic finger.But he did boast the role of midwife
Published: 2009-05-17 | Author: Daniel J.boostin

Prophets and philosophers
Published: 2009-05-16 | Author: Daniel J.Boorstin

Prophets and philosophers
Published: 2009-05-15 | Author: Daniel J.Boorstin

What are the Odds
Published: 2009-05-05 | Author: 1abc 2ab

Law and the bible
Paper on comparison of law and the bible
Published: 2009-03-14 | Author: Aggrey Nzomo

The Society of the Spectacle: A Poetical Depletion of Life
The paper explores philosopher Guy Debord
Published: 2008-11-11 | Author: Mohamed Mbaye

How different am i
Published: 2008-10-04 | Author: manoj unnithan

The simple truth
How the people present themselves is far from their true self and they need someone to tell them the simple truth
Published: 2008-09-01 | Author: miriam muritu

Why The Chicken Crossed The Road
Published: 2008-08-30 | Author: Robert Beshara

Islam- the way to God by submission
Islam and God ceconcyling the intimacy
Published: 2008-08-23 | Author: emmanuel ugokwe

Published: 2008-08-19 | Author: GODFREE SUNDAY OLUWOLE

Mirror Image
Thoughts on the need to spend time before a mirror
Published: 2008-08-13 | Author: sindhu nair

Universe meets (Him) self in Life
To sum up, the universe or the Purush, we worship as God, has not created us but has evolved Himself into intelligent life to find and experience Himself. We are just instrumental in existence.
Published: 2008-08-02 | Author: Babu Gautam

Get Excited
The article reflects the importance of how we should always carry excitement along with us.
Published: 2008-06-29 | Author: kapil singhi

What life has taught us!
Life is not a rehearsal. That is the best way of describing my article.
Published: 2008-04-26 | Author: Barbara Haynes

Do you believe in an Afterlife?
A topic I have learnt to believe in after the death of my parents, believing that people we love are around us all the time. Buddhist teaching have played a huge part in my learnings
Published: 2008-04-26 | Author: Barbara Haynes

Our Destiny
Have we full filled our destiny on this earth
Published: 2008-04-26 | Author: Barbara Haynes

Words of Wisdom
A title driven by a friend of mine as we discussed the words of wisdom that we can not pass onto a younger person today until they come to us and ask for help
Published: 2008-04-26 | Author: Barbara Haynes

Do you get irritated when you are expected to do something which you are not fond to do?
Published: 2008-02-27 | Author: ishu agarwal

There are about 600 billion of us living on the earth possessing DIFFERENT NATURES ...
Published: 2008-02-26 | Author: ishu agarwal

Love is by Chance or Choice?
Confused about what exactly love is?
Published: 2008-02-24 | Author: neena tripathi

Difference between journey and desination
Published: 2008-01-10 | Author: Zahra Habib

When to be and when not to be silent
Published: 2008-01-10 | Author: Zahra Habib

Shafts of light
Spiritual tips for living
Published: 2007-12-19 | Author: Sister Gargi,shelley Brown

Matters from a Budding Atheist
This is not meant to influence/intimidate readers and criticize religion or to damage lives. What's written is purely based on own opinion. It's a matter of respect that one may accept/decline this.
Published: 2007-12-03 | Author: Geraldine Santua

Forgiveness, what is
forgiveness is much misunderstood. it is as if a human is the dispenser of justice, which he is not
Published: 2007-11-28 | Author: self

Why can't we be more humane in our approach to God?
religion, practices, grave approach,easy way
Published: 2007-11-18 | Author: self

The article describes one of the central figure of the universe, who serves as an arch enemy of Adam, Eve and their progeny
Published: 2007-09-29 | Author: Mujtaba Haider Zaidi

We All Leave Footsteps in the Sand
How can God be in all places at once, especially to aid us? He manifests in each person we touch.
Published: 2007-06-08 | Author: Kirsten Locke

Life and it's Committments
How life runs on committment in whatever we do
Published: 2007-05-31 | Author: Simran Sodhi

Is this fair that love leaves you nowhere
love is a blessing of God but u never know whom to love or when to love but one thing u get for sure is pain in love
Published: 2007-05-31 | Author: monila joshi

Are We Alone in the Universe
One of the ultimate questions
Published: 2007-05-15 | Author: Kirsten Locke

Morality and evils
moral values
Published: 2007-05-15 | Author: Christian Langbayan

Humans or animals?
an article about humanism, how people act and the abusing of superiority......
Published: 2007-05-15 | Author: Christian Langbayan

Eternity of Love
It is based on philosophical analysis of love
Published: 2007-05-07 | Author: Souvik Maiti

The Small Scale Infinity
Non inclusion of the small scale infinity is the biggest tragedy of modern science. Zero is the culprit
Published: 2007-05-06 | Author: BABU GAUTAM

Morality: The best form of government
How morality affects human being and/ or human acts.......
Published: 2007-05-04 | Author: Christian Langbayan

Pluralism (Part II): New Concept of Pluralism
The discursive interaction is absolute thing to live in pluralism state
Published: 2007-03-04 | Author: agustinus hartono

Pluralism (Part I): Pluralism versus universalism
This is the first article to find the very meaning of pluralism
Published: 2007-03-04 | Author: agustinus hartono

Some guides to dissect The Truth
Some principles to see the truth are unrelevant in this new culture. So we need some guides to it
Published: 2007-03-03 | Author: agustinus hartono

Psycho-cultural topography
Some guides to comprehend our culture
Published: 2007-03-03 | Author: agustinus hartono

Thought evolution on Logos
The thought evolution on LOGOS since the Greek Antiquity until the end of the twentieth century
Published: 2007-03-03 | Author: agustinus hartono

The most relevant approach to see the Technology (part II)
There are certain approachs to see the technology: pragmatic, prescriptive, social-constructive, essentialism, hermeneutic. Which approach will we choose?
Published: 2007-03-02 | Author: agustinus hartono

The Primacy of Technology
Technology has the doubles effects: the helper and destroyer
Published: 2007-03-02 | Author: agustinus hartono

Dichotomy of Gender
the problems of gender based on the metaphysical concepts on it.
Published: 2007-03-02 | Author: agustinus hartono

The experience (Modern Thoughts)
show certain thoughts about modern philosophy's thought on experience
Published: 2007-03-02 | Author: agustinus hartono

The experience (Classical Thoughts)
show certain classical philosophy's thoughts about experience
Published: 2007-03-02 | Author: agustinus hartono

This article describee the simple definition of postmodernism
Published: 2007-03-01 | Author: agustinus hartono

Antoni Gaudi
The Description on Antoni Gaudi's Architecture
Published: 2007-03-01 | Author: agustinus hartono

New Concept of Creativity
The really creativity was always formed by dialectic between: dominates reality and was dominated by it, pervailing the opaque systems and understanding the real facts.
Published: 2007-02-15 | Author: agustinus hartono

Some Consequences of Performance Art (Part II)
Performance art brings some consequenses and needs new concept in the whole of concept of art
Published: 2007-02-14 | Author: agustinus hartono

The first people of the world
A discussion on the title
Published: 2007-02-12 | Author: David Fitchett

Why do we exist?
Deep thought of mind
Published: 2007-02-12 | Author: David Fitchett

Characters of Performance Art (Part I)
Performance art isn't just the culmination of anti-art. Now, it becames a genre in itself
Published: 2007-02-12 | Author: agustinus hartono

Know yo role
A Commetary On Social Issues In South Africa
Published: 2007-02-10 | Author: Tebogo Rameetse

The Imagination: The Power of Imagination (Part II)
Man must revive his/ her imagination to survive against the other''s image. Here, i tell you some powers of your personal imagination
Published: 2007-01-30 | Author: agustinus hartono

The Imagination: The Imagined World (Part I)
Every space in reality was fulfilled by images. But this images were strange and anonymous. in this article i invited you reviving your personal imagination and didnt' become the loser.
Published: 2007-01-25 | Author: agustinus hartono

Feeling’s Art Took A Part in Logical Thought of Sains and Technology
Feeling wasn't only a jargon of art, but of science and technology too. This article wanted to show the feeling's function in science and technology
Published: 2007-01-19 | Author: agustinus hartono

How We Can See The Art
Art is defined as either to express the unthinkable or to create the new possibilities.
Published: 2007-01-18 | Author: agustinus hartono

The Problems of Art
nowadays, it's very difficult to see the really art. it's difficult to differ the sublim art from art as a part of entertainment.
Published: 2007-01-18 | Author: Agustinus Hartono

You Never LIve Your Own Desire: The Orphan Desire Versus The Other's Need
it's article about alienation of human who live based on self definition (the need) and escape their self from the desire
Published: 2007-01-16 | Author: Agustinus Hartono

Philosophy of Desire
Philosophy of desire (will) appeared or emerged since Friedrich Nietzsche, German's philosopher, proclamated his opinion named will to power. this philosophy clarified all negative opinions on desire
Published: 2007-01-16 | Author: Agustinus Hartono

Booming fame
A mind blowing article
Published: 2006-08-22 | Author: Mr. Eak Prasad duwadi

This is a comparison of various behaviours in Daily life
Published: 2006-06-09 | Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

This article describes the general human nature in inclement situations...
Published: 2006-06-07 | Author: Apurva Dhiman

The COSMIC Law - Yagna Spirit:
This is an explanation of an Universal law - Yagna - A Egoless attitude toeards crating a Heaven on earth
Published: 2006-04-30 | Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

God-made simple
Technology has led to polarization of value systems.In this Unipolar world organized religions have begun to decline. Compassion is the new world religion.
Published: 2006-04-24 | Author: Balu

Life Without Meaning is to Cease to Exist
A philosphical article on life and how it is what you make of it
Published: 2006-04-14 | Author: Misty Keith

A Mother-Teacher-Guide-Mentor and visionary-Sublime Guide of Auroville-India
Here is an illustration of a Great mentor who did the service beyond boundaries , Race , Creed , Colour and religion .
Published: 2006-04-02 | Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi


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