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Dating Sucks!
Detailed explanation of why dating sucks for both girls and guys.
Published: 2009-06-23 | Author: Yakub Olalekan

Advice for a Successful Dating Site Profile
If you want to get success in online dating then attractive and descriptive profile plays an important role. Your dating profile works as your representative.
Published: 2008-12-31 | Author: Laney Bobby

Successful Online Dating Depends On Dating Site You Choose
Nowadays more and more people are using online dating sites to find their best dating partner. The life of people becomes to much fast and stressed from last few decades.
Published: 2008-12-04 | Author: Laney Bobby

Know More about Online Dating
the culture of online dating
Published: 2008-01-12 | Author: subashini srikumar

The Hypocracy Of The Modern Irish Dating Scene
This article is based on personal experience and analysis on the Irish modern dating scene, and the stereotypical men and women which are driven by money, and fake materialistic living
Published: 2007-11-25 | Author: Keith Rogers

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Last
Turn an online date into a long-term relationship.
Published: 2007-10-12 | Author: Tracy Rose

"True Love Exists"
An article describing why true love is so important.
Published: 2007-04-14 | Author: Bethany Mitchell

Adult dating sites can help you find fun and sexy singles in your location
Adult dating sites can help you find fun and sexy singles in your location
Published: 2006-08-18 | Author: Eric Raymond

Dating Attribute: One Minute Guide To Know The Type Of Woman To Date
What am about to share with you relates to the dating attribute or the behaviour pattern of a sexy woman when she is into a relationship.It saves you time, money,and heartache......(read more)
Published: 2006-06-05 | Author: Law Umar

5 Amazing services of Online Dating Websites.
The internet has provided a medium through which traditional dating companies now provide dating services online to the public.It allows for a database of potential relationships to blossom...........
Published: 2006-06-01 | Author: Law Umar


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