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Coffee Entrepreneurs Discover Growth of Hospitality and Culture between People of the World
The hospitality industry is famous around the world for its many coffee cultures. Entrepreneurs have discovered many ways to grow this market.
Published: 2009-05-28 | Author: Veronica Hankey

Managing Business Growth (Revised)
The secret to managing business growth
Published: 2008-07-10 | Author: Ernest Achesa

Managing Business Growth
How to manage the growth of a small business
Published: 2008-02-09 | Author: Ernest Achesa vs.
Comparison of two Freelance Web Portals
Published: 2007-12-15 | Author: Jennifer Foster

Creativity: The Lifeline of New Businesses
ways of nurturing creativity in new businesses
Published: 2007-12-06 | Author: Ernest Achesa

Wealth Maximisation for Small Businesses
3 things to focus on in order to achieve wealth maximisation in small and medium business entities.
Published: 2007-11-30 | Author: Ernest Achesa

Outsourced: Security
Outsourcing is posing a hazard where security of establishments, people are concerned.
Published: 2007-11-18 | Author: self

Body Shop - How to Appraise
“How do I appraise a body shop?” is an often-asked question in the automotive industry. Finally, there is a real answer in this article.
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

Body Shop - Is This a Good Time?
When is a good time to sell my body shop business? This article answers this question and more.
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

Buying a Business - The Basics
This article discusses the basics of buying a business in today’s market.
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

Closing Escrow on Business Buying/Selling
This article covers what is involved in closing escrow on a business and what you should expect.
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

Due Diligence 101 or What You Don't Know Can Kill You!
This article covers, in detail; exactly what due diligence is all about and how to really make sure you are getting what you pay for.
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

Financing a Business
The simple ABC of what financing a business is all about, and what are the best sources. No hype, just the facts.
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

How is the Value of a Business Worked Out?
Did you ever wonder how the value of a business is worked out? Read on and find out!
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

How to Appraise a Business
There are many different ways to work out the value of a business. For the small to mid-size business, there are 3 main approaches that are used more than others. Then the author gives you his own cre
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

If You Don't Ask, the Answer is Always No
There is an old saying that is very true even today. It gives quite an interesting insight into the process of “Making and Negotiating Offers” on businesses or anything else you might want to buy.
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

Sanity Check - Buying a Business
Does the purchase price being asked for make sense? This article helps you answer this question in detail.
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

What to Look at When Buying a Body Shop
So you think you want to buy a body shop? This article is a MUST, if you are so inclined!
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

Why Are Non-Disclosure Agreements Used When Selling a Business?
What is a non-disclosure agreement for a business and why the heck do I have to sign one?
Published: 2007-09-25 | Author: Willard Michlin

Small Firms in Europe
Small enterprise creation as a mean of political stabilisation and the new challenges of economic development in the enlarged Europe.
Published: 2007-06-06 | Author: Elsa Bettella

Organizational Adaptation and Control
Managers have opportunities to respond to environmental factors in two ways: adaptation or control
Published: 2007-05-12 | Author: Martin Hahn

Predicting Future Profits
Managers who do not have information or have incorrect information about environmental factors, have a difficult time predicting external changes
Published: 2007-05-12 | Author: Martin Hahn

Role of Protective Legislation for Corporate Success
Many business firms seek to achieve consensus by encouraging protective legislation such as import quotas, tariffs, and licensing
Published: 2007-05-12 | Author: Martin Hahn

Impact of Turbulent Environments on Organizations
A low degree of turbulence reduces the need for managers to alter their operations.
Published: 2007-05-12 | Author: Martin Hahn

Organizational Environmental Stability
The longer an organization operates under stable environmental conditions, the more managers learn and the more able they are to reduce the number of mistakes
Published: 2007-05-12 | Author: Martin Hahn

Resources available to Organizations
Organizations usually start with rich resources and will later be confronted by limited resources
Published: 2007-05-12 | Author: Martin Hahn

The impact of natural forces on corporations
Earthquakes, tornadoes, freezing rain, and hurricanes can have a big impact on companies
Published: 2007-05-12 | Author: Martin Hahn

The Impact of Competition on Corporate Performance
Competition is a strong influence on the economic activity of an organization and often requires managers to make economic decisions
Published: 2007-05-12 | Author: Martin Hahn

Technology in Organizations
Technology is often viewed as a major source of environmental change for an organization
Published: 2007-05-12 | Author: Martin Hahn

What Makes an Expert in Any Field Thick!
To become an expert in your field-earning as much as you wish and fame to go with it-you must do what all experts do. Differentiate yourself.
Published: 2007-04-28 | Author: Oseremen Aigbokhae

Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
Difference between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship is discussed in this article
Published: 2007-04-10 | Author: Martin Hahn

Marketing lessons from a Singapore Prostitute - Surviving superior foreign competition
This is a story on how a physically unattractive prostitute survives in comeptative market. What are her markting strategies and what can she teach more convensional businesses?
Published: 2007-03-31 | Author: Li Tang

Money Making Ideas
It Is Simply Revealing Money Making Ideas
Published: 2007-03-29 | Author: Olamilekan Adewoyin

Public Utilities and Econmic Enterprises in the Philippines: Issues and Prospects
how to overcome problems and obstacles in the delivery of municipal enterprises, how to turn financial losses into profitable investments.
Published: 2007-03-17 | Author: Apolo Jucaban

Arousing The sleeping Entrepreneur 2
This is a continuation of the article helping to arouse the sleeping entrepreneur in us all
Published: 2007-03-12 | Author: Olamilekan Adewoyin

Arouse The Sleeping Entrepreneur 1
This Article Is Seeking To Arouse The Sleeping Entrepreneur In Us All
Published: 2007-02-20 | Author: Olamilekan Adewoyin

Be Smart, Start your Own Internet Business
So if you are looking to start your own internet business soon, then it's time to get the lowdown...
Published: 2006-08-13 | Author: Eric Raymond

Design Concepts: Turning a good idea into a reality
Red Tierney, an Atlanta based company brings a unique look to home accessories. This article uses Red Tierney to spotlight the process to get a new idea off the ground and onto a retail shelf.
Published: 2006-06-23 | Author: L.E. Burke

A Business Bottle neck !! Fear of Failure !!
Here is a small dosage of inspiration to get out Fear and to get the Killer instinct to succeed.
Published: 2006-04-18 | Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi


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