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Mike and Susan, whom do you like?
Mike & Susan are the inimitable pair when it comes to choosing gifts.
Published: 2009-10-31 | Author: Amita Shanbag

Indira Gandhi - My inspiration
Indira Gandhi, the first women prime minister of India inspires me. When I read her life story I started to venerate her. It is a truth that I adopted her single actions in my life.
Published: 2009-05-03 | Author: Sreelakshmy vijayan uma

What you know
The article tend to explain to humanity what it takes to excel
Published: 2008-09-08 | Author: igbinosa ikponmwosa

The serenity a natural environment explains
Published: 2008-07-18 | Author: Ema Adama

A Song for 'Now'
God's song to you in your trying times
Published: 2008-07-09 | Author: Ema Adama

Removal of Beggars
Beggars can be removed only if strict efforts are made. many organisations have came up, but the problem is still existing. little children are kidnapped and are affected.
Published: 2008-06-11 | Author: Sreelakshmy vijayan uma

Recalling Past Lives through Dreams
Recalling your dreams through visions of your childhood memories focusing on your memories from your childhood, then taking your dream back further than your birth.
Published: 2008-04-27 | Author: Barbara Haynes

God Cares Even If We Don't
This is about God's love
Published: 2008-03-02 | Author: myself

Take the moment as it arises
it is inspirational, sage advie from someone who suffered untold misery by the weight of his memories and who desires that hisbrothers andsisters everywhere benefit by his sufffering
Published: 2008-01-04 | Author: self

Overcoming inevitable hurdles
The article encourages any one in almost any depressed situation.
Published: 2007-04-23 | Author: FAITH ATOO

Soaring on the winds of adversity
This Article Is Telling Us How To Rise Above Adversity
Published: 2007-04-02 | Author: Olamilekan Adewoyin

Love vs. worship
Isn't it Love is Real Worship?
Published: 2007-03-24 | Author: AAMIR FAREED

Beyond Silence
Beyond silence is the smallest period of time you can recognize. It's when you truly take decisions in what you were thinking during silence.
Published: 2007-03-18 | Author: Dr. Ahmed Wagih

How We Can Attain Peace !
Can Material Comforts or Worldly Luxuries Buy us Peace?
Published: 2007-03-16 | Author: AAMIR FAREED

Never say die
this article is about encouraging those involved the fight against HIV/AIDS not listen to the unconstructive criticism that critics giving out.
Published: 2007-01-12 | Author: philemon chiswamo

One Breath From Death - Look What God Can Do
Story of my near death experience and my comeback
Published: 2006-12-09 | Author: Bob Brubaker

Won By One
The 12 th replacement Apostle to take he place vacated by Judas: It could be you!
Published: 2006-08-22 | Author: Apolo Jucaban

Time machine of success
success is unpredictable and ebullient. to achieve success,you are totipotent and the so called
Published: 2006-08-15 | Author: surbhi jain

Fun and Fond Memories: Episode 1
How God helped me passed my economics class!
Published: 2006-05-21 | Author: Apolo Jucaban

You Can Do, I Know You Can!
Insprirational piece to help those who find it difficult to put their own needs first.
Published: 2006-05-21 | Author: Mel Moore

My Hero’s
Article to inspire thought and consideration for others.
Published: 2006-05-20 | Author: Mel Moore


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