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Shabby state central library: A reflection of intellectual bankruptcy
State central library is not in good condition in the state.
Published: 2009-03-10 | Author: D.B Rai

A review of Delerium's album Chimera
A groundbreaking album for Delerium - Chimera
Published: 2008-11-19 | Author: Daniel Chakraborty

Funny Music
Kids are interested in music. Music softwares are encouraging their music interest.
Published: 2008-09-30 | Author: terry pikula

The Underground Goes Commercial
Almost every tim-altering artist into the musci industry and changes it - instead of being changed by it - has roots planted in the underground... Smoky clubs, untuned guitars, moneylessness and depth
Published: 2008-06-18 | Author: Tebogo Rameetse

Every one do not know the reality of sound, how the sound is created, what is the sound, mostly common man
Published: 2008-03-10 | Author: terry pikula

The original clutches can be found in the old telephone-dial. Such mechanisms allow the dial to be wound up without dragging the governor and to couple the governor to the systems with a negligible ba
Published: 2007-09-24 | Author: Jose

Allman Brothers tickets sell as quickly as they ever did
Their reputation for putting on a great show still stands and Allman Brothers tickets sell as quickly as they ever did.
Published: 2007-09-17 | Author: Isabelle Chartrand

Which type of Acoustic Guitar to choose?
Acoustic guitars seem to show no signs of diminishing in importance and they have been the standard by which all other instruments are judge for decades now.
Published: 2007-09-17 | Author: Isabelle Chartrand

Blooming Buds In Music
Do you want your kid to flourish in field of music? There are many designed software such as FlexiMusic which help to learn and create music on our own by sitting at our foot steps and doing it on eas
Published: 2007-01-18 | Author: heera

Trendy Music
Music forms as a soothing remedy to get off stress in life. We have music software’s designed to learn music at doorsteps with little effort and creativity. This software’s attracts all the people r
Published: 2006-12-25 | Author: heera

Just For Kids
Music is the essence of life and every one is in touch with this beautiful gift given to mankind. Now is the time to expose kids to the wonders of music.Children can create their own music at your hom
Published: 2006-08-12 | Author: heera hasan

Big Danny ain’t losing the Blues
Colour interview with New Jersey Blues Guitarist, Big Danny Gallagher
Published: 2006-07-09 | Author: Joe Gogarty

Jazz Bassist Releases a Decade's Worth of Music
JPM is a master bassist, equally proficient with upright and electric instruments
Published: 2006-06-05 | Author: trupti modi

Musicians Covering the Recently Covered
When bands cover already established songs, there is some sort of artistic value lost.
Published: 2006-05-01 | Author: Ian McDonald

Candy Shop No Longer For Kids
Jared Field decries the adverse affects of rap video imagery on young people
Published: 2006-04-11 | Author: Jared Field


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