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How We Can Cope With Production Problems and Remain Viable in the Economy.
Production problems entails finance, labour, material, power, leadership and the like. Many decades, Nigeria has been battling these probles meanwhile solutions like SWOT analysis could had help.
Published: 2010-04-10 | Author: KEHINDE ADEBISI JOHN ESQ,animn.

Validity of student feedback in institutes of higher education
Most Universities have introduced the practice of taking feedback from students on their professors. This article discusses validity and significance of this type of feedback.
Published: 2009-12-09 | Author: vijay kothari

The Importance of Education in an Ideological State - Pakistan
It briefly describes an ideological state, followed by importance of education.
Published: 2009-11-12 | Author: Ziauddin Khan

Whistle-blowing: an act of - courage or foolishness
This article discusses the whistle-blowing in institutes of higher education and/or research.
Published: 2009-11-05 | Author: vijay kothari

Achieving academic excellence
This article tries to investigate, what makes it possible for an institute to earn academic excellence.
Published: 2009-10-03 | Author: vijay kothari

Decision-making: Call of courage
This article in particular focuses on the process of decision-making in academic bodies involved in higher education and/or research.
Published: 2009-10-03 | Author: vijay kothari

Teachers: Popular versus Good / Students: Smart versus wise
This article is an effort to highlight the differences between a popular teacher and a good teacher, as well as those between a smart student and a wise student.
Published: 2009-09-27 | Author: vijay kothari

Malaises of academics with special reference to scientific training and education
'Good science' is often hampered by different malpractices adapted by few academicians. This article highlights some of these wrong practices which are threats to the real cause of science education.
Published: 2009-07-16 | Author: Vijay Kothari

Arrogance in Science
This article tries to explain why many of great scientists are called (wrongly most of the times) to be rough or arrogant.
Published: 2009-06-25 | Author: vijay kothari

Terrorism and Ways to Combat it
It discusses about the global problem of terrorism and suggests ways to combat it.
Published: 2009-05-06 | Author: Nitesh Dhawan

In Search for True Happiness
Published: 2009-01-27 | Author: PRAHLAD SHEKHAWAT

Kirkland Museum of Fine And Decorative Art
Collection of Vance Kirkland and Some Decorative Arts
Published: 2007-11-26 | Author: Ramvie Santiago

Social Sciences
Social Sciences

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Social Sciences

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