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Bureaucracy as Pejorative Connotation in Light of Weber’s Theoretical Underpinnings of Seminal Wor
Bureaucracy as Pejorative Connotation analysing functionality of bureaucracy under optimal and worst-case conditions. Using theortical examples detailing contemporary public administration systems .
Published: 2009-10-01 | Author: Sapard Vincent-de Paul Mozes Tshimankinda N. KALALA

The Only Nation Where the Majority Is Victimized
In no country in the world is the majority community victimized like in India.
Published: 2009-08-30 | Author: Apoorva sharma

The Love Creed
Love is a big feeling
Published: 2009-01-30 | Author: SAMBWA GK TIMOTHY

Social Stratification in Great Britain
Social Stratification in Great Britain after second world war
Published: 2008-05-31 | Author: Parimita Chakravorty

All News A Bad News
News today is like any other commodity on sale. The electronoc media for its commercial compulsions has destroyed the sanctity of news
Published: 2007-05-21 | Author: BABU GAUTAM

The Whoring Of Our National Treasure
The real National Treasure should be our children - but they are being whored away every day and night - online - across this nation.
Published: 2006-10-29 | Author: C. L. Hanna

Content Analysis as a Research Tool
Content analysis as a method of data categorization
Published: 2006-09-12 | Author: Benoy Jacob

Let us put a full stop to Eve teasing in India
In spite of strict laws innocent teenage girls are dying due to torture from opposite sex,which should be put an end immediately, in India
Published: 2006-09-03 | Author: joseph nelson

Reflection on choices for mothers whether to return to work or not
About choices mothers make whether to return to work, the advantages and disadvantages of making such choices both for mothers and societies and comparing how different countries value mothers
Published: 2006-06-27 | Author: Martina Roe

What Has Brown Done For You?
Jared Field harkens back to the days of Brown vs. the Board of Education to see how far we've come.
Published: 2006-04-11 | Author: Jared Field

Does Race Play a Part in Youth Gangs: What Motivates Youth's to join Gangs?
How racial identity can have an affect on different ethnicities and gang activity
Published: 2006-04-10 | Author: Misty Keith


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