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CEO Health

CEO Health

Amidst the hullabaloo for making money, the most affected people in top hierarchies could also possibly be the most stressed lot. It’s not indifferent to notice that after secretaries and chairmen of companies, CEO’s are the worst affected lot of the top management structure. Long hours, indifferent time zones as well as insufficient rest could be some the problems they have to tackle with. Eating too many rich meals at different parties hosted by clients and vendors alike, health is perhaps one of the major concerns surrounding these high fliers.

Frequent traveling and the typical 'work more and don't play as much as one should’ CEO, is plagued by several stressful conditions. More often than not when CEO’s get their annual physical checkups done, they are often inundated with high cholesterol levels, increased blood pressure and even at times elevated levels of prostate-specific antigens, or PSA’s.

Three years ago, at age 60, a certain CEO of a company had to work with a battery of physicians helping him work at the increasing workload that had taken a toll on his body. He even underwent a biopsy of his prostate. It later turned out that he had a rapidly spreading form of cancer. What was shocking was that there was no way he could have known as his body refused to depict the typical symptoms that usually accompany such alarming conditions.

After evaluating different forms of treatment, he elected to have surgery to remove his prostate. Sad but true. There are several even more shocking consequences that happen to such high profiled seniors, who don't seem to get enough from their work schedules.

More CEO’s today are getting in-depth physical tests to avoid conditions like this. Although, the latest tests and diagnostic equipment are in the offering, its miles away for the CEO to get a taste of the preventive measures to avoid such a scene in future!

A typical day of a CEO may start at 6 a.m. and by 3 p.m., more often than not, he is terribly exhausted. What follows is a series of meetings and coffee's later is the urge to binge on something that is definitely not healthy. The result! An over obese CEO with an even exceedingly penchant for reducing his weight; a dream that only needs to be over come!
Published: 2006-09-18

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I am an eccentric writer with an innate passion for the pen. My interests are as varied as my mood swings! Always been a rebel with a cause, my interests besides writing are dancing, astrology and weight training. I hope to be one of the best writers in the world. That in short is me...PRERNA..Cheers!

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