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Chain Link Dog Kennel

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There are many of us who already have dogs at home or are finding a place or location to keep them in comfort. The solution can be an easy one, simply keep them in a fenced backyard. But then there is always a concern for their safety and of course safety for others if you don’t happen to have a fence. It is also possible that one day you celebrated the arrival of a little puppy and are scratching your head with the dilemma of where to keep this little guy? It would not be a wise decision to keep the dogs inside home as they grow very faster and gets addicted to a fun loving environment where they won’t have to worry as long as they remain small, young and illiterate unlike their masters.

If you plan on fencing entire backyard just to keep this little guy within your premises, you should be aware of your expenses as this might cost you a fortune, on the other hand, once the dog grows on to big, they would easily jump over the short or medium fence. Big dogs would not want to stay in the backyard as they would love to move around with the neighbor’s female dog. Your only solution to this situation is to build a chain link dog kennel.

A chain link dog kennel is very easy to setup but before you start to build it, do your proper homework in knowing the requirements of your dog in terms of size and area. Because, if you happen to have a big dog, the big buy would need more space to move around with a little high shelter around 5 foot and may be a proper dog house, otherwise you would get to face the music.

Once you have decided upon every aspect of the chain link dog kennel, its time to find out where you are going to get the material to build it. Since there are different types of chain link materials available in the market with different kinds of spacing amongst the wires at different heights, the owner will have to once again plan looking at dog’s future growth. Heights would range from 3 to 10 feet and thus good planning is definitely required before starting the work. Once you have purchased good quality and spacious material, half of your work has already been completed and you don’t have to run through the hassle of cutting and breaking into pieces after you find out that the cute puppy turned out to be a big boy within few months.

When selecting the post for the chain link dog kennel, you have the option to pick either metal post that is preferred by many for their chained fences over landscape timbers. The only drawback with metal posts is that it will be permanently built with base cemented in ground, whereas, you may take away the landscape timbered kennel wherever you like.

Overall, it’s rather cheap and easy to build a chain link dog kennel with a good plan.
Published: 2007-04-11
Author: Rohit Maini

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