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Challenges of Religious Fanatic Insurgents

Religious Insurgents

Future Challenges of Religious Insurgents

The efforts of US in containing insurgency, despite being acknowledged word over, needs a review in analysing the future pattern of destructive wars. Today, while going through the compilation of one of the best known magazine’s ”The Times”, I recounted the horrific face of religious wars.

While analysing the genesis of the problem, which is going to emerge in the future due to religious intolerance, I have been able to visualise the destructive course of events to come. The perception of war, terrorism, insurgency and struggle would differ from people to people. What government perceives war; it might be the people's struggle against oppressions. What you perceive rebellion, it might be a struggle for independence.

I would like to record that the evolution of the universe is not new. Most of the times, we hear people searching and discovering something new which has been already in existence. The question of existence is truly speaking is the real question of survival. The struggle to survive for self is different than that for the common man. The various forms of struggle for freedom, liberty, human rights, nationality, country, caste and social justice are similar in nature and style but differ in execution. The future struggle of people is going to be based on religion on one side and Haves (HV) and Haves Not (HVN) on the other. As both the issues are complimentary to each other for sustenance, therefore, various politicians to fulfill their dreams would exploit the HVN for religion. Islamic scholars perceive that the influence of western culture through electronic and visual media is threatening the very survival of Islam as religion. What I perceiveThis, that this misconception is leading the world towards a different kind of future war. 9/11 strike on US can not be linked to any type of war. It is indeed termed a terrorist act of fanatics; but the suicidal attack on Indian Parliament was not the same.

The aims and objectives of the planners and strikers were different. How HVN are going to be the real tools of all social disorder in future is the right question to be reviewed? These people are going to play a vital role in future wars of insurgency in the world. The main reason would be the materialistic comforts and their ability to have the benefits of its usage. During the course of preparations, I have encountered a young HVN who was trying to snatch his perceived right of survival by the means of robbery. He was not feeling guilty of his action. Rather; he glorified it to bring to the attention of the media glare and became a national hero in crime.

The US, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Australian policy makers and national leaders have a totally different perceptions on HV and HVN of their citizen and the rest of the world including Asian. They believe that the daily requirement of materialistic comfort resources of their citizens with respect to others in the world is much higher; therefore, they have the right to grab materialistic resources in the world to meet the state obligatory duties.

With this as the background, I now analyze the future of insurgency in the world. Though developed nations can see through every corner of the world through their telescopic lenses but they would fail to gauge the depth of drive and determinations of Islamic and other religious bigot. The death of fifty innocent civilians on the street of Baghdad by lass of fourteen is the beginning of future insurgency.

The future War of Insurgents (WOI) is going to be more complicated and complex to address. Firstly, it would be fought from the heart being religious in nature. The strength of materialistic resources would only turn the villages and cities into graveyards; secondly, it would be more or less fought on alien soil and nationalities; and thirdly, it would be between HV and HVN. The developed countries urge to meet the obligatory demands of HV would ultimately move them to grab the resources of HVN. The natural resources like oil, minerals and iron ore etc would be the main dividing factor of WOI. Though, the western world is well aware of the increased ratio of HV and HVN in Middle East but they are still eyeing to take hold of the resources. These HVN under such circumstances would act like wounded tigeresses and revengeful serpentines in creating unrest and disorder.

The fear of loss of resources in Islamic countries is already destabilizing the Muslim society in the Middle East and Asia. They are in the melancholy of crisis management. Anyhow; by and large, a new type of groupism based on local power centers, is reinforcing their faith in the religion and its ruthless application and implementation. These groups are going to shape the future of WOI. It would be strengthen by one; religion; two, local family bonds and relationship, three, community way of organization; four, exploitations of females and children; five, strict rules of implementations; and six, the weakness of human in opposite sex. Of late, while researching on recruitment methodology of such fanatic groups, I have been able to decipher a highly strong and well conceived way of meeting the future challenges of powerful opponent in WOI. How they recruit is worth appreciating. A Sleeper Cell (SC) is formed in each area with an aim to one, identity HVN with strong urge to enjoy materialistic comforts; two, hatred towards current system; three, most likely the youngest offspring in the family, four, the middle order of intellect; and five, strong aptitude for religion. Once, the SC has identified the recruit, they trap in a very meticulous manner. They offer huge pecuniary incentives and sell lucrative dreams of heaven after death.

Threat of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of Mass destruction (WMD) would be the true cause of concern at home for the HV nations. The battlefield of WOI would not be restricted to any part of the world. It would be difficult for HV to protect their own interest at home than on alien land. The HVN with in own country are going to be the decisive pillars of the WOI. The short, powerful and most terrifying strikes would be the order of the day. The HV nations would have to one; ensure minimum HVN at home; two, create foolproof security system of intelligence and counter measure agencies and three; be always ready to respond to such crisis. I, therefore, feel is it worth increasingg the gap between HV and HVN? Though, the world can reduce this gap in developed nations but it would be difficult in Muslim world due to population explosion.

I, therefore, feel we all have the obligation to protect future generations from the scourge of WOI by ensuring that it does not become a menace. We need to one; reduce the gap of HV and HVN; two, provide enough economic opportunities for all nations to grow; three, developed nations to reduce own HVN ratio; four, impose strict population measure on HVN; five, let provide equal opportunists to human as such rather than American, Indians or Europeans; and six, share technological development for growth of humanity rather than a nation. The fear of Muslims in the Middle East and all over the world is genuine and it requires serious attempts to solve. Though, by no means the terror strikes can be justified but the right of struggle to survive is unquestioned.
Published: 2006-07-25
Author: S Kalpna Sharma

About the author or the publisher
I am a freelance journalist and am writing on various burning issue which affect the world order and a Common and Oridnary Man on Street (COMOS) such as terrorism/insurgency economy, teenagers suicide and woman pious body and beauty. Stress management and Art of Happy Life (HOPL).
I am also managing a NGO non registered and help people in distress.
I am a simple housewife who assists her husband in managing his professional life.

S Kalpna Sharma

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