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A special meeting was called in an upcoming company. After all the formalities Managing Director (M.D.) of company announce “This quarter we are planning to start a new plant in Australia, further we are introducing new brands of our leading products”.
All the members appreciated the fact, except, one who is continuously opposing the proposal on the grounds that it will affect the shareholders profit. M.D. think for a while and said “ Gentleman, you are right if you concerned about short term profits, but for long run these change are compulsory to stand in the scenario of cut –throat competition, let me explain you…………………….
M.D. took a jug and pours water in a glass and asks that member “What you are seeing”?
“Glass is half filled” a simple management answer
M.D. smile and pour more water in glass, water starts flowing out.
That member shouted “Sir, what are you doing? Water is flowing out, this glass is small for water to be added”.
M.D turns to him and replies “You are right and unless we extend or expand our glass, opportunity we are getting in form of flown water will slip away from our hands and company can’t survive in long run”.

Above case states that every changing trend, culture, behavior in a similar and different market may hurt the soul of business until perception of changes are not made in advance.
Another point reflected in above instance is that each member should see the broader picture or dream for the success of organization and always try to be a part of solution, not apart of solution.
Final words-
Don’t be you
what you are.
You have to change gears
to drive a car

Published: 2007-04-08

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